Julie Beckett
Impressionist Landscape and Flower Painter, Working in Mixed-Media and Oils

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Julie Beckett
Landscape Artist, Flower Painter

Based in County Kerry, the talented Yorkshire artist Julie Beckett is rapidly making a name for herself as an innovative Impressionist-style painter of flowers and landscapes. Employing a variety of mixed media for a three-dimensional effect, together with a rich oil finish, her flower paintings beautifully capture both the fragility, and strength of petal and leaf, pistil and stamen. Originally from the North of England, Beckett moved to the Dingle Peninsula in the mid-1990s. Inspired by the local scenery, as well as a fascination for creating different textures, she has since developed her unique 'Irish' style of art which more than does justice to the natural world around her. Her flower works in particular are noted for their 'living' nature, due to the luminous quality of the oils.

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Exhibitions in Ireland

In addition to solo shows, Beckett has exhibited in numerous galleries and art shows in Ireland, including: the Oisín Gallery Dublin (2004), the Hallward Gallery Dublin (2005), the Kilcock Gallery Co Dublin (2006), The Dublin Antiques & Contempory Art Fair (2007), the Frank Lewis Gallery Killarney, The Blue Umbrella Gallery Listowel County Kerry, the Stacpoole Art Gallery Adare County Limerick (2008), and the Spring Exhibition at the Central Bank in Dublin, to name but a few. She has also shown in galleries across County Cork, and is a regular exhibitor at Art Ireland in the RDS Dublin.

Exhibitions Abroad

Abroad, Beckett's work has been shown at several venues in the UK, including the Headrow Gallery Leeds, and is due to be showcased at the 2008 Harrogate Art Fair, and the 2008 Manchester Art Fair. In America, she has recently shown at the Magnan Project Gallery in New York (May 2008), and at the Irish Bog Exhibition in Chicago (May 2008).

Beckett's paintings are represented in a number of private collections in Ireland, England, Holland, Israel and the United States.

Our Opinion

One of Kerry's most innovative contemporary artists who is only just beginning to demonstrate her potential.

To contact Julie Beckett, or to see more examples of her art, please visit her website: www.jbpaintings.com

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