Leo de Freyne
Irish Landscape, Mountainscape and Nature Artist, Writer and Poet.

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Leo de Freyne (b.1952)
Irish Landscape Painter

The Dublin-born visual artist and writer Leo de Freyne, is noted for his atmospheric landscapes and mountainscapes, his nature paintings and, more recently his series of quasi-Cubist compositions of icebergs. His literary output includes numerous poems which have been published in poetry journals in Dublin, London and throughout England. That his paintings feature a wide range of subjects and styles is, perhaps, only to be expected from an artist who has travelled so widely. De Freyne has lived in a bewildering number of different locations, including Ireland, England, Spain, China, Estonia, Poland, Oman and Kazakhstan. At present, he is living and working in Ireland.

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Skilled in figurative works, as well as landscapes and more abstract compositions, he works in acrylics, watercolour, gouache and mixed-media such as collage.

Studying his paintings, one is struck by his use of colour - which ranges from vivid blues and luscious greens, to rich rusts, and a rainbow-like palette of greys. No doubt influenced by his travels, his colours perfectly capture the white heat of Spain as well as the cloud patterns that encircle and obscure the highest mountain tops.

In addition, he seems to have an instinctive feel for shape, and his use of silhouette and outline can be especially powerful.

Occasionally resorting to a more playful style (his colourful acrylic painting 'Window' resembles a semi-surrealistic work), his most recent paintings - which were inspired by photographs of icebergs - include several semi-Cubist style compositions which explore the relationship between mass and line.

His paintings have been exhibited in numerous shows in different parts of the world, including Spain, China and Ireland, where they are also represented in several collections.

Our Opinion

An artist who prefers to let his pictures do the talking, de Freyne is a restless talent who one feels is capable of producing a real masterpiece. Watch this space.

To contact Leo de Freyne, or to see more examples of his art, and poetry, visit his website: www.leodefreyne.com


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