Mark Baker
Contemporary Irish Artist.

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Mark Baker (b.1985)
Portrait Artist, Figure Painter

Born in Dublin, Mark Baker has already established himself as one of the most talented and sought-after young Irish portrait artists. Specializing in ultra-realist figurative painting as well as portrait art, many of his works are purchased before even being released for public display.

As well as being an outstanding artist, Baker is known for his generous gifts to charity, and has helped raise funds for such causes as Crumlin Children's Hospital and the Roisin Dubh Trust, to name but two.

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Baker's talent for drawing and painting was recognized in his early childhood. At the age of five he succeeded in winning an art competition to have one of his paintings displayed in the National Gallery, in Dublin. An honours graduate in Arts from UCD, he now specializes in highly detailed portraiture and figurative works.

Baker first began exhibiting his work in February 2006 in the Trinity Gallery, where he was 'artist of the month' on several occasions, with his work selling out completely. Since August 2006 he has showed at The Green Gallery, St. Stephens Green Dublin. His subjects include a diverse range of celebrities from areas of personal interest, including entertainers and sports stars. One early example, was a picture of U2's Bono with a tricolour jacket, which he sold to raise money for Crumlin Children's Hospital.


Since then, his subjects have included such figures as: Colin Farrell, Phil Lynott, Christy Moore, Luke Kelly, Sinead O’Connor, David Bowie, Shane MacGowan, Johnny Cash, John Lennon, Van Morrison, the footballer Roy Keane and others.

Popular with many art-collectors, Baker's paintings now command a price tag of several thousand euros each, and are represented in numerous private collections.

Our Opinion

One of Ireland's brightest contemporary artists whose outstanding skills could take him almost anywhere.

To contact Mark Baker, or to see more examples of his art, please visit his website:

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