CIRCA: Irish Arts Magazine

CIRCA: Irish Visual Arts Journal

Launched in 1981, CIRCA is Ireland's preeminent journal of contemporary visual arts in Ireland, covering Irish painting, Irish sculpture, and other art media. Published quarterly in full-colour by CIRCA Art Magazine Limited, a non-profit company incorporated in Northern Ireland, this arts magazine focuses on visual culture throughout Ireland while also reviewing important developments in the overseas world of art. Its 100 or so pages of news, reviews, previews, interviews, and feature articles comprises a vital source of illustrated data for Irish artists, art-collectors, Irish art organizations, academics and students - indeed anyone who is interested in or occupied with visual culture and the Irish art market.

CIRCA's longer-term objectives and methods are determined by the regularly changing CIRCA Board, whose membership is by invitation. CIRCA content is decided with the assistance of the Editorial Advisory Panel, assisted by its panel of Contributing Editors. CIRCA is supported financially by three main sources of income: the Arts Councils, north and south (€40,000 in 2010 from the Arts Council, South); sales and subscriptions; and advertising.

CIRCA's Vision

CIRCA aspires to the highest standards of quality, relevance and criticality. In particular: it must be the first source for information and understanding in relation to contemporary Irish visual art; it should be the ‘journal of record’ for Irish contemporary (and popular) visual arts in Ireland; it should include critical appraisals of contemporary art and visual culture, in the way of seeking to understand its context, origins and meanings. And finally it should aim to discover and track new talent.

Review Policy

CIRCA aims to be completely impartial in its arts reviews. If you are interested in writing reviews, please contact the Editor. To ensure a proper balance of 'views' in the journal, CIRCA seeks writers and reviewers from across the spectrum of academic, artistic and journalistic backgrounds.

CIRCA's Website

CIRCA does not publish exhibition listings in their magazine, but they do so on their website. There are also several art blogs and reviews of exhibitions and shows (in the form of articles, video clips and photos). Additionally you can shop for back issues of the magazine, order catalogues and art books along with buying limited edition prints (at reduced prices for magazine subscribers).

More Information About CIRCA Arts Magazine

For more details about the journal, please contact:

43-44 Temple Bar
Dublin 2
Tel/Fax: (+353) 01-679-7388

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