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Arthur K. Maderson (b.1942)

The Irish-based contemporary Impressionist painter Arthur Maderson was born in London, and studied fine art painting at the Camberwell School of Art. In 1963, during his final year, he won the prestigious Anna Berry Award in open competition with final year graduates from all leading art schools in England.

Maderson's additional interest in both psychology and psychiatry took him into the field of art therapy, becoming an art therapist for almost a decade at Park Prewett Psychiatry Hospital, Hampshire. Although a regular painter, it wasn't until 1982, at the age of 40 that he felt confident enough to exhibit his paintings. However, from then on Maderson enjoyed a series of critically acclaimed sell-out solo-exhibitions throughout Ireland, Britain, Europe and the United States of America. In 1987, he was awarded the Cornelissen Award for the 'Most Distinguished Painting' from the Royal West of England Academy. In 1993, he won the Royal Hibernian Academy Abbey Studio Award for the most distinguished picture. He has subsequently represented Ireland in a number of prestigious shows. Maderson is also a regular exhibitor with the Royal Academy (RA) in London.

Arthur Maderson is not a gregarious artist, avoids interviews and most forms of personal or artistic promotion. He paints with enormous urgency, dedication, and energy, dividing his time between a village in County Waterford, and a French village high in the remote mountainous region of the Cevenne, in the South of France.


As an artist, Maderson is - like the Impressionists before him - principally concerned with the portrayal of light. He uses Impressionist painting techniques such as half-finished brush strokes of thickly applied impasto paint and bold juxtapositions of colour. Typically, he focuses on one particular theme at a time, for example the Lismore River series and Tallow Horse Fair series. In a recent book by Ron Hansen, Maderson was listed among the world's 17 most successful and popular figurative painters. In the magazine ‘International Artist’ he was referred to as one of the most acclaimed ‘Modern Master Painters of the World’.

Record Auction Price for Arthur Maderson

The record for a work by Arthur Maderson was set in 2001, when his oil painting Sunday Afternoon, Lismore River Pool was sold at James Adams, Dublin, for €21,000.

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