Sitemap 2 - Irish Painters & Sculptors
Biographies of portraitists, landscape and still-life artists, in oils and watercolours.
Irish Art Guide

Irish Artists
Index of all major Irish fine art painters, classified by era, together with a selection of contemporary creative practitioners involved in painting, sculpture, photography, crafts and ceramics. Plus articles on the evolution and development of the main genres and styles. Includes a personal view of the best living artists.

Irish Painters (c.1600-2008)
Famous Irish Artists
18th Century Artists
19th Century Artists
20th Century Artists
Contemporary Irish Artists

History and Genres
Irish Painting
Irish Landscape Artists
Irish Genre-Painters
Irish Portraitists
Abstract Artists: Ireland

Irish Sculptors & Ceramicists
Biographies of important exponents of plastic art in Ireland.
Irish Sculpture

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