Irish Artists: 20th Century
Famous Painters, Sculptors, Printmakers in Ireland, Born in the Twentieth Century.

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Image of James Joyce (1978)
By Louis le Brocquy. One of the
artist's iconic 20th century paintings.

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Irish Artists, 18th Century (1700-99)
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nineteenth century, see:
Irish Artists 19th Century (1900-99)
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Contemporary Irish Artists.
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Most Expensive Irish Paintings.

Irish Artists of the Twentieth Century
Born 1900-1944

Allen, James (Printmaker and Etcher), (b.1941);
Armstrong, Arthur (Landscape and Still Life Painter), (1924-1996);
Bacon, Francis (Figurative Painter), (1909-1992);
Ballagh, Robert (Pop-Art pictures, Graphic Design), (b.1943);
Ballard, Brian (Colourist, Genre Painter, Landscapes), (b.1943);
Behan, John (Sculptor and Draughtsman), (b.1938);
Bewick, Pauline (Contemporary Watercolour Artist), (b.1935);
Blackshaw, Basil (Portraitist, Figure, Genre Painter), (b.1932);
Bolay, Veronica (Atmospheric Mayo Landscapes) (b.1941);
Bottom, Robert (Landscapes, Mediterranean Seascapes) (b.1944);
Bourke, Brian (Landscape and Self-Portrait Artist), (b.1936);
Boyle, Alicia (Landscape & Portraiture) (1908-1997);
Bradshaw, Alan (Architectual Painter), (b.1936);
Brady, Charles (Landscape and Still Life Artist), (1926-1997);
Breakey, John (Painter and Etcher), (b.1932);
Brown, Deborah (Sculptress in Bronze, Fiberglass), (b.1927);
Burns, William H. (Landscapes), (1924-1995);
Byrne, Michael (Painter and Printmaker), (1923-1989);

Self-Portrait. By Sean O'Sullivan
one of the great traditional
Irish portrait artists of the
20th century.

Pub Group: Connemara.
By Gerard Dillon, one of the foremost
contemporary Irish genre-painters.

For a quick reference guide to
20th century artists, see:
Twentieth Century Painters.

Byrne, Val (Landscapes), (b.1936);
Campbell, George (Still Life and Landscape Artist), (1917-1979);
Caracciolo, Niccolo D'Ardia (Landscapes, Portraits), (1941-1989);
Carr, Tom (Landscape Artist and Figure Painter), (1909-1999);
Carrick, Desmond (Impressionist and Landscape Artist), (b.1928);
Carron, William (Figure, Landscape, Ceramic Artist), (b.1930);
Carson, Robert Taylor (Seaviews, Landscapes, Genre Scenes) (b.1919);
Castle, Barry (Illustrator, Landscapes, Portraits), (1935-2006);
Clarke, Carey (Watercolourist and Landscape Artist), (b.1936);
Coburn, Ivor (Watercolourist), (b.1934);
Coleman, James (Installation and Video Art) (b.1941);
Collie, George (Portraitist), (1904-1975);
Collins, Patrick (Landscape and Figure Painter), (1910-1994);
Collis, Peter (Landscape & Still-life Paintings) (b.1929);
Conolly, Thurloe (Member of White Stag Group), (b.1918);
Cooke, Barrie (Abstract Expressionist Painter), (b.1931);
Copperwhite, Patrick (Landscape Painter), (b.1935);

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For the plastic arts, see:
Twentieth Century Sculptors.

Crabtree, Jack (Former Head of Fine Art at Ulster University) (b.1938);
Craig, Henry Robertson (Landscape & Portraits) (1916-1984);
Croft, Richard John (Abstract/Realism) (b.1935);
Crone, David (Genre Painter, Townscape Artist) (b.1937);
Crozier, William (Still Life and Landscape Artist), (b.1930);
Cryan, Claire (Watercolourist, Landscape, Flowers), (b.1936);
Cullen, Charles (Portraiture, Murals, Etchings) (b.1939);
Cummiskey, Roger (Literary and Historical Painter), (b.1944);
Davidson, Rowland (Figurative Painter), (b.1942);
Davis, Gerald (Watercolourist, Semi-Abstract Painter), (1938-2005);
De Burca, Micheal (Landscape, Portrait, Figures), (1913-1985);
De Burgh, Lydia (Portraitist) (b.1923);
Delaney, Edward (Expressionist Bronze Sculptor) (1930-2009);

For a quick reference guide,
see: Avant-garde art.

For details of Irish abstract
painters and sculptors, see:
Abstract Artists Ireland.


Dennehy, Douglas Manson (Landscapes), (b.1927);
Desmond, Maurice (Landscape Painter), (b.1944);
Dillon, Gerard (Landscape Artist and Figure Painter), (1916-1971);
Donovan, Jack (Figurative Painter), (b.1935);
Donovan, Phoebe (Printmaker, Designer, Landscapes), (1902-1998);
Doran, Christopher (Founder, Limerick Art Society), (1900-1981);
Duncan, Jean (Painter and Etcher) (b.1933);
Dunne, Berthold (Watercolourist & Landscape Artist), (b.1924);
Evans, David (Watercolourist), (b.1934);
Fallon, Conor (Sculptor in Metal and Bronze), (1939-2007);


Farrell, Micheal (Contemporary Painter), (1940-2000);
Ferran, Denise (Watercolourist and Museum Curator), (b.1940);
Flack, James H (Landscape Watercolour Painter), (b.1941);
Flanagan, T P (Landscape Watercolour Artist), (b.1929);
Friers, Rowel (Illustrator and Cartoonist), (1920-1998);
Funge, Paul (Portrait Artist), (b.1944);
Gillespie, George (Landscape Artist), (1924-1996);
Gingles, Graham (Mixed-Media Artist, Sculptor), (b.1943);
Graham, Patrick (Contemporary Artist), (b.1943);
Guinness, Lindy (Lady Dufferin) (Landscape Artist), (b.1941);
Hall, Kenneth (Member of White Stag Group) (1913-1946);
Hall, Patrick (Contemporary Art), (b.1935);
Hanlon, Jack P (Father) (Religious Painter, Designer), (1913-1968);
Hanratty, Alice (Printmaker & Contemporary Painter), (b.1939);
Harper, Charles (Contemporary Artist), (b.1943);
Harris, Pam (Abstract Oil Painter), (b.1944);
Harrison, Colin (Figurative Painter with Old Master Motifs) (b.1939);
Haughton, Wilfred (Watercolourist), (1921-1999);
Hennessy, Patrick (Still Life, Landscape, Trompe l'oeil) (1915-1980);
Hickey, Patrick (Etcher, Lithographer, Landscapes), (1927-1998);
Hobbs, Reginald (Illustrator, Designer and Oil Painter), (1922-2000);
Hone, David (Still Life and Portrait Artist), (b.1929);
Ireland, Patrick (Brian O'Doherty) (Modern Artist), (b.1928);
Jobson, John (Painter and Sculptor), (b.1941);
Jones, Les (Former President of the Ulster Watercolour Society) (b.1928);
Kane, Michael (Contemporary Painter and Printmaker), (b.1935);
Kelly, Frances (Figurative Painter and Muralist), (1908-2002);
Kelly, John (Artist and Printmaker), (1932-2006);
Kelly, Oisin (Foremost Sculptor of IELA era) (1915-81);
Kernoff, Harry (Portraits, Landscapes, Decorative Art), (1900-1974);
Kerr, Helen (Landscape-inspired Batik & Stitch Artist) (b.1936);
King, Cecil (Abstract Art), (1921-1986);
Kingerlee, John (Contemporary Landscape Artist), (b.1936);
Kingston, Richard (Landscape, Still Life, Flowers), (1922-2003);
Kinney, Desmond (Large Scale Muralist, Landscapes), (b.1934);
Klitz, Anthony Robert (Urban Cityscape Artist), (1917-2000);
Larkin, Diarmuid (Figure Painter), (1918-1989);
Le Brocquy, Louis (Painter, Portraitist, Tapestry Artist), (1916-2012);
Le Brocquy, Melanie (Sculptor), (b. 1919);
Le Jeune, James (Portrait Painter) (1910-1983);
Leonard, Pamela (Watercolourist and Printmaker), (b.1940);
Leonard, Patrick (Realist Genre Scenes), (1918-2005);
Luke, John (Landscape Artist and Figure Painter), (1906-1975);
Lynch, Padraig (Landscape and Still Life Artist), (b.1936);
Lynn, Robert (Mural Painter, Scottish Colourist Style) (b.1940);
MacCabe, Gladys (Painter and Art Critic), (b.1918);
MacGonigal, Maurice (Landscape and Portrait Artist), (1900-1979);
MacIntyre, James (Landscape, Streetscape, Portraits), (b.1926);
MacKinnon, Sine (Landscapes), (1901-1996);
MacMiadhachain, Padraig (Abstract, Landscapes, Seascapes), (b.1929);
Madden, Anne (Abstract Painter), (b.1932);
Maderson, Arthur (Contemporary Figurative Painter), (b.1942);
Maguire, Cecil (Landscape and Figurative Artist), (b.1930);
Mahood, Kenneth (Illustrator and Cartoonist), (b.1930);
Marjoram, Jerry (Landscape Artist), (b.1936);
Marrinan, Padraig (Figure, Portrait & Landscape Artist) (1906–1975);
McAuley, Charlie (Landscape and Figurative Painter), (1910-1999);
McCaig, Norman J. (Landscape and Seascape Artist), (1929-2001);
McDonagh, Bernard (Landscapes), (b.1924);
McEntagart, Brett (Landscape Painter, Watercolourist) (b.1939);
McEwen, Elizabeth (Botanical Artist), (b.1937);
McGoldrick, Tom (Genre Painter and Landscape Artist), (b.1930);
McGuinness, Nora (Landscapes, Graphic Design and Illustrator), (1901-1980);
McGuire, Edward Augustine (Portraitist, Still Life, Bird Painter), (1932-1986);
McKendry, James Alexander (Sculptor, Muralist, Landscapes), (b.1935);
McKenna, Stephen (Classical, Still Life, Landscapes), (b.1939);
McKinstry, Cherith (Contemporary Painter and Sculptor), (1928-2004);
McNab, Theo (Abstract Landscape Artist), (b.1940);
McSweeney, Sean (Landscapes, esp. Bog-Pools), (b.1935);
McWilliam, Frederick Edward (Sculptor, Bronze, Stone & Wood), (1909-1992);
McWilliams, Catherine (Landscape and Subject Painter), (b.1940);
McWilliams, Joseph (Figurative Artist), (b.1938);
Middleton, Colin (Landscape, Figure Painter and Surrealist), (1910-1983);
Monroe, Desmond (Landscape Artist), (b.1943);
Mooney, Carmel (Contemporary Landscape Artist), (b.1936);
Murphy, Seamus (One of Ireland's Greatest Sculptors) (1907-1975);
Nisbet, Tom (Watercolour Landscape Painter), (1909-2001);
Nolan, James (Portrait, Landscape & Figure Painter), (b.1929).
O'Casey, Breon (Painter, Etcher, Sculptor) (b.1928);
O'Ciobhain, Blaithin (Master Still Life Painter), (b.1935);
O'Colmain, Seamus (Streetscape, Portrait Painter), (1925-1990);
O'Connor, Joseph (Dutch Old Master style Artist), (b.1936);
O'Malley, Tony (Abstract Landscape Painter), (1913-2003);
O'Neill, Daniel (Romantic Landscape Art), (1920-1974);
O'Ryan, Fergus (Printmaker and Oil Painter), (1911-1989);
O'Sullivan, Sean (Portrait Painter), (1906-1964);
Pakenham, Jack (Contemporary Political Artist), (b.1938);
Patton, Eric (Architectural and Topographical Artist), (1925-2004);
Pennefather, George (Watercolour, Landscapes), (1905-1967);
Pettigrew, Stanley (Landscape Art and Illustration), (b.1927);
Piper, Raymond (Portraitist, Watercolourist, Orchids), (1923-2007);
Potter, George (Contemporary Figurative Painter), (b.1941);
Rakoczi, Basil Ivan (Landscape, Still Life, Figure Painter), (1908-1979);
Reid, Nano (Landscape, Figure and Portrait Painter), (1905–1981);
Renard-Goulet, Yann (Sculptor), (1914-1999);
Rice, Noreen (Contemporary Art, Pastels and Oils), (b.1936);
Roberts, Hilda (Portraitist, Illustrator and Sculptor), (1901-1982);
Robinson, Markey (Landscape, Figure Painter, Sculptor), (1918-1999);
Roche, Tom (Atmospheric Irish Landscapes, Interiors), (b.1940);
Rondel, Georgette (Figurative Painter), (c.1915-1942);
Ryan, John (Painter, Writer and Theatre Set Designer), (1925-1992);
Ryan, Thomas (Portraitist, Landscape, History Painter) (b.1929);
Salkeld, Cecil Ffrench (Avant-Garde Artist), (1904-1969);
Schwatschke, John (Portraits, Oils, Gouache, Ink), (b.1943);
Scott, James (Landscape and Still Life Artist), (b.1920);
Scott, Patrick (Abstract Artist noted for Gold Paintings) (b.1921);
Scott, William (Still Life, Landscape, Abstract Painter), (1913-1989);
Seeger, David (Abstract Ceramic Artist), (b.1937);
Shackleton, Roger (Figure Painter, Oils, Watercolour), (1931-1987);
Shaw, Denis Orme (Contemporary Art), (b.1944);
Shawcross, Neil (Portrait and Figurative Painter), (b.1940);
Shea, Wendy (Illustrator, Cartoonist, Theatre Designer) (b.1936);
Shelbourne, Anita (Painter & Theatrical Set Designer), (b.1938);
Sheridan, Noel (Installation, Performance Artist), (b.1936);
Simmonds-Gooding, Maria (Landscape Artist), (b.1939)
Skelton, John (Illustrator, Academic Figurative Painter) (b.1924);
Smyth, Norman (Figurative Painter), (b.1933);
Souter, Camille (Landscapes), (b.1929);
Stanley, Jacqueline (Landscape and Seascape Artist), (b.1930);
Stephenson, Desmond (Landscape & Mosaic Artist), (1922-1963);
Steym, Stella (Still Lifes and Portraits), (1907-1987);
Sutton, Ivan (Landscape and Streetscape Oil Painter), (b.1944);
Swift, Patrick (Portrait and Landscape Artist), (1927-1983).
Taggart, Elizabeth (Contemporary Artist), (b.1943);
Teeling, Norman (Impressionist Plein Air Painting, Interiors), (b.1944);
Treacy, Liam (Impressionist Still Life, Landscape Art), (1934-2004);
Vallely, John (Semi-Expressionist Painter & Muralist), (b.1941);
Vanston, Dairine (Figurative Painter), (1903-1988);
Verling, Walter (Contemporary Landscape Artist), (b.1930);
Walsh, Owen (Post-Impressionist Figure Painter), (b.1933);
Ward, Richard (Wildlife Artist), (b.1944);
Warren, Barbara (Landscape and Still Life Artist), (b.1925);
Watters, Una (Contemporary Artist), (1918-1965);
Webb, Kenneth (Landscapes), (b.1927);
Wejchert, Alexandra (Sculptor, Painter and Architect), (1921-1995);
Wilks, Maurice C (Landscape Artist), (1910–1984);
Wynne-Jones, Nancy (Painter of Celtic Landscapes), (b.1922);
Yeats, Anne Butler (Painter and Theatre Designer), (1919-2001).


Irish Artists: Twentieth Century
Born 1945 Onwards

Allen, Barbara (Watercolourist), (b.1959);
Armstrong, Robert (Abstract Oil Painter), (b.1953);
Barone, Emma (Shoe Art) (b.1968);
Boucher Beug, Katherine (Contemporary Art), (b.1947);
Brady, John (Contemporary Expressionist), (b.1968);
Brandes, Stephen (Intricate Cartoon-style Painter), (b.1966);
Brennan, Cecily (Sculptress), (b.1955);
Brennan, Valerie (Neo-expressionist Painter), (b.1973);
Brobbel, John Christopher (Still Life Oils, Drawings & Prints) (b.1950);
Brohan, James (Impressionist and Genre Painter), (b.1952);
Burke, Rachel (Genre Painter Of City Scenes), (b.1977);
Byrne, Kristine (Contemporary Figurative Artist), (b.1945);
Carr, Eithne (Abstract Artist), (b.1946);
Casey, Comhghall (Still Life, Self-Portraits, Landscape) (b.1976);
Cashin, Patrick (Contemporary Artist), (b.1965);
Climent, Tom (Colourist and Contemporary Artist), (b.1970);
Coleman, Michael (Contemporary Art), (b.1951);
Collins, Majella O'Neill (Landscape, Seascape Artist), (b.1967);
Colman, Eamonn (Contemporary Artist) (b.1957);
Comerford, Helen (Mixed Media Artist and Sculptress), (b.1945);
Connery, John (Contemporary all round Artist), (b.1956);
Cope, Elizabeth (Still Life, Nudes and Landscapes), (b.1952);
Copperwhite, Diana (Abstract Artist), (b.1969);
Cotter, Maud (Painter, Stained Glass Artist), (b.1954);
Cronin, John (Contemporary Art), (b.1966);
Cross, Dorothy (Contemporary Sculptor), (b.1956);
Cullen, Michael (Contemporary Artist), (b.1946);
Cunningham, Grace (Chiaroscuro Oil Painter), (b.1972);
Curling, Peter (Equestrian Artist), (b.1955);
D'Arcy, Paul (Symbolist Paintings);
Darragh, Ian (Classical Figurative Artist) (1959-2008);
Davey, Rosaleen (Contemporary Art), (b.1947);
Davidson, Colin (Landscape and Portrait Artist), (b.1968);
De Freyne, Mark (Abstract Artist), (b.1960);
De Freyne, Leo (Evocative Landscapes, Mountainscapes) (b.1952);
De Frinse, Liam (Mixed-media, Installation, Sculpture), (b.1949);
Delaney, Liam (Surrealist Painter), (b.1948);
Delargy, Diarmuid (Etcher and Contemporary Artist), (b.1958);
Devon, Gary (Landscape Art), (b.1958);
Doherty, John (Photo-Realist Painter & Landscapes), (b.1949);
Donnelly, Micky (Contemporary Artist), (b.1952);
Dowling, Daniel (Painter of Peopled Landscapes), (b.1954);
Duffy, Rita (Painter, Installation Artist, Muralist), (b.1959);
Dunne, Joe (Plein Air Streetscape, Landscape Artist), (b.1957);
Egan, Felim (Contemporary Abstract Painter), (b.1952);
Ellis, Brendan (Medical and Figurative Painter), (b.1951);
English, James (Still Lifes, Landscape Painting), (b.1946);
Fahy, Bridget (Expressionist, Colourist), (b.1973);
Farl Powers, Mary (Etcher and Fine Art Printmaker) (1948-1992);
Feeney, Jacinta (Semi-Abstract Oil Painter), (b.1954);
Fingleton, Sean (Impasto Landscapes), (b.1950);
Finnin, Martin (Abstract Mixed-Media Abstract Artist), (b.1968);
Fitzgerald, Charmain (Surrealistic Painter) (b.1982);
Fitzgerald, Mary (Painter and Textile Artist), (b.1956);
Fitzharris, Mike (Landscape, Oils and Mixed-Media), (b.1952);
Flaherty, Michael (Contemporary Landscape Art), (b.1950);
Flanagan, Aidan (Watercolourist, landscape screenprints) (b.1955);
Flanagan, Fergal (Landscape and Portrait Artist) (b.1948);
Flannery, Bridget (Abstract Mixed-Media, Watercolours), (b.1959);
Flood, Damien (Contemporary Pop Artist), (b.1979);
Flynn, Pauline (Mixed-Media and Performance Artist), (b.1955);
Forsythe, Graham (Irish Canadian Artist), (b.1952);
Francis, Mark (Abstract Oil Painter), (b.1962);
Friers, Julian (Wildlife Painter and Artist), (b.1956);
Gajewska, Katarzyna (Expressionist Portrait Painter) (b.1978)
Gale, Martin (Figurative Painter and Landscape Artist), (b.1949);
Geary, Kevin (Portraiture) (b.1952);
Geoghegan, Trevor (Landscape Art) (b.1946);
Gibson, Colin (Landscapes, Prints, Graphic Design), (b.1948);
Gillespie, Rowan (Sculptor in Metalwork and Bronze), (b.1953);
Godbold, David (Installation Artist) (b.1961);
Goldberg, David (Figurative Artist and Printmaker), (b.1945);
Gorman, Richard (Abstract Artist in various media), (b.1946);
Goulding, Tim (Landscape and Still Life Artist), (b.1945);
Griffin, Bill (Religious Artist), (b.1947);
Guggi, Derek Rowan (Known for his bowls paintings), (b.1959);
Halifax, Tom (Portraiture), (b.1965);
Hamilton, Ken (Contemporary Classical-Style Painter), (b.1956);
Hanley, James (Landscapes), (b.1965);
Harris, Pat (Landscape and Figurative Painter), (b.1953);
Henderson, Brian (Abstract Artist), (b.1950);
Hennessy, Kate (Contemporary Painter), (b.1945);
Hillen, Sean (Art Photographer), (b.1961);
Hodder, Carol (Landscape and Bog Artist), (b.1956);
Humphreys, Ian (Contemporary Landscape Artist), (b.1956);
Jermyn, Jane (Organic Ceramic Forms) (b.1951);
Jones, Liam (Landscape Artist in Acrylics), (b.1951);
Jones, Ted (Contemporary Artist), (b.1952);
Jordan, Eithne (Landscape, Still Life & Genre Painter), (b.1954);
Joynt, Rachel (Public Art), (b.1966);
Kavanagh, Paul (Contemporary Art), (b.1946);
Keating, John (Figure Painter, Watercolour, Charcoal), (b.1953);
Kelly, Charlotte (Contemporary Artist), (b.1960);
Kelly, Paul (Pre-Impressionist Landscape, Seascape) (b.1968);
Kelly, Philip (Landscape and Figure Painter), (b.1950);
Kenny, Alan (Landscape and Surrealist Artist), (b.1965);
Keown, Mary Theresa (Contemporary Art), (b.1974);
Kerr, Claire (Contemporary Artist), (b.1968);
Kiely, Bernadette (Semi-abstract, Impasto Landscapes), (b.1958);
Kindness, John (Contemporary Multi-Media Artist), (b.1951);
Kingcome, Catherine (Realistic Oil Painter), (b.1956);
Knuttel, Graham (Figurative Painter and Sculptor), (b.1954);
Knuttel, Jonathan (Contemporary Art), (b.1972);
Lalor, Ayelet (Figurative Sculptor in Porcelain and Bronze) (b.1974);
Lambert, Gene (Contemporary Artist),(b.1952);
Lavelle, Gavin (Contemporary Landscape Artist), (b.1969);
Lawlor, Jimmy (Artist inspired by fairytales & nature), (b.1967);
Lawlor, Stephen (Landscape and Equestrian Artist), (b.1958);
Lennon, Ciaran (Abstract Painter), (b.1947);
Lennon, Paddy (Abstract Landscape Artist), (b.1955);
Lohan, Mary (Seascape and Landscape Artist), (b.1954);
Long, John (Still Life, Figure and Landscape Artist), (b.1964);
Longley, Sarah (Landscape and Figure Painter), (b.1975);
Lyndsay, Roy (Landscape and Figure Painter), (b.1945);
Lyons, Fergus (Landscape and Rural Painter), (b.1950);
MacCormick, Bernadette (Portraitist, chiaroscuro), (b.1969);
MacDougald, Reza (Contemporary Art), (b.1967);
MacMahon, Brian (Landscape with rich impasto), (b.1955);
Madigan, Carmel (Expressionist flowerscapes, landscapes), (b.1961);
Maguire, Brian (Expressionist Painter), (b.1951);
Maher, Alice (Expressionist Painter and Sculptor), (b.1956);
Mansfield, Louise (Beach Scene & Genre Painter), (b.1950);
Markey, Bernie (Genre Painter), (b.1965);
Martin, Colin (Figurative and Landscape Artist), (b.1973);
Martin, Fergus (Contemporary Artist), (b.1955);
Matthews, Pervaneh (Watercolour Portraiture, and Pet Portraits) (b.1946);
McAleer, Clement (Abstract Artist working in Acrylics) (b.1949);
McAllister, Ian (Still Life and Surrealist Artist (b.1966);
McAllister, Therese (Figurative Artist), (b.1951);
McCann, Fran (Jazz Artist in Pastels, Oils, Watercolour, Wood/Clay) (b.1945);
McCarthy, Maeve (Figurative and Portrait Artist), (b.1964);
McDonnell, Hector (Painter, Etcher, Printmaker), (b.1947);
McGourty, Gerard (Contemporary Art), (b.1954);
McGrane, Henry (Landscape and Still-Life studies), (b.1969);
McGuinness, Michael (Contemporary Artist), (b.1955);
McGurran, Rosie (Contemporary Art), (b.1969);
McKinney, Jasper (Contemporary Mixed-Media Artist & Sculptor), (b.1961);
McLoughlin, Cian (Portraitist and Urban Landscape Artist), (b.1977);
McNally, Tony (Contemporary Seascape and Landscape Painter), (b.1953);
McWilliams, Simon (Colourful Oil Painter), (b.1970);
Meenan, Anton (Tory Island Landscape Artist), (b.1959);
Merwick, Billy (Contemporary Painter and Sculptor), (b.1947);
Miles, T J (Landscape and Surrealistic Figure Painter), (b.1965);
Miller, Nick (Post Expressionist Artist), (b.1962);
Mooney, Brian (Figurative Painter), (b.1947);
Mooney, Martin (Academic Landscape Artist, Still Lifes), (b.1960);
Moore, Yvonne (Contemporary Artist), (b.1969);
Morgan, Henry (Expressionist Figure Painter), (b.1952);
Moroney, Ken (Impressionist Artist), (b.1949);
Morris, John (Waterscape, Townscape Painter), (b.1958);
Mosse, Paul (Contemporary Mixed-Media Artist), (b.1946);
Mulcahy, Michael (Contemporary Expressionist Painter), (b.1952);
Murphy, Noel (Portrait and Genre Painter), (b.1970);
Murray, John Philip (Contemporary Draughtsman), (b.1952);
Nagle, Chara (Figurative Subject Painter, Romantic Style) (b.1974);
Naughton, Patrick (Fine Art Photographer) (b.1980)
Ni Chiosain, Fionnuala (Handless Water/Acrylic Painting) (b.1966);
Nolan, David (Impressionist-style Portrait Painter, Cityscape Artist) (b.1966);
O'Beirne, Megan (Painter, Photographer. Unique Holocaust art);
O'Connor, Declan (Portraitist, Equestrian Artist), (b.1957);
O'Connor, Eoin (Contemporary Abstract Painter), (b.1973);
O'Croidheain, Caoimhghin (Expressionist Cityscapes) (b.1961);
O'Dea, Mick (Portrait Artist), (b.1958);
O'Donnell, Simon (Surrealist and Political Artist), (b.1945);
O'Donoghue, Hughie (Contemporary Art), (b.1953);
O'Dowd, Gwen (Abstract Landscape Artist), (b.1957);
O'Halloran, James (Impressionist style Painter), (b.1955);
O'Leary, Cormac (Abstract Landscape, Figure Painter) (b.1969);
O'Maoldomhnaigh, Tomas (Classical Realist Portraiture) (b.1956);
O'Neill, Geraldine (Contemporary Art), (b.1972);
O'Neill, Liam (Contemporary style Outdoor Scenes), (b.1954);
O'Neill, Mark (Contemporary Painter and Illustrator), (b.1963);
O'Toole, Laurence (Contemporary Landscape Artist), (b.1968);
Palm, Brian (Photomontage Artist) (b.1957);
Patton, Marcus (Watercolourist and Illustrator), (b.1948);
Pearson, Peter (Cityscape and Architectural Artist), (b.1955);
Pepper, Mark (Still Life Artist, Photo-Realistic Style), (b.1957);
Pierce, Janet (Mixed-Media Abstract Artist), (b.1947);
Proud, Paul (Seascape Artist), (b.1949);
Quinn, Ann (Contemporary Art), (b.1978);
Quinn, Brian (Plein Air City Scenes and Landscapes), (b.1947);
Quinn, James (Technology Painter, Acrylics, Mixed-media) (b.1963);
Rasher (Mark Kavanagh), (Figures and Still Lifes), (b.1977);
Richardson, Victor (Pointillist Impressionism), (b.1952);
Rigney, Anne (Abstract Artist and Sculptor), (b.1957);
Roberts, Sara (Ceramicist in Porcelain) (b.1962);
Robinson, Annie (Mixed-Media & Landscape Artist), (b.1961);
Roche, Oisin (Figure and Portrait Painter), (b.1973);
Rodgers, Patsy Dan (Tory Island Primitive Artist), (b.1945);
Rooney, J P (Contemporary Artist), (b.1947);
Russell, Nicola (Witty Colourful Paintings), (b.1964);
Scully, Sean (Irish-American Abstract Artist), (b.1945);
Seymour, Dermot (Social Realist Painter), (b.1956);
Shaw, Robert (Landscape and Seascape Artist), (b.1964);
Shinnors, John (Abstract Landscape Painter), (b.1950);
Shortt, Desmond (Contemporary Landscape Artist), (1968);
Sloan, Victor (Lens-based Artist, Painter, Printmaker), (b.1945);
Smith, Blaise (Figurative & Plein Air Landscape Artist), (b.1967);
Smith, John Noel (Abstract Painter), (b.1952);
Smyth, Brian (Contemporary Artist), (b.1970);
Smyth, Michael (Contemporary Painter and Sculptor), (b.1961);
Souter, Michelle (Contemporary Art), (b.1956);
Swain, Tony (Acrylic and Mixed-Media Artist), (b.1967);
Tansey, Francis (Contemporary Abstract Art) (b.1959);
Teskey, Donald (Contemporary Landscape Artist), (b.1956);
Tyrrell, Charles (Minimalist Abstract Artist), (b.1950);
Ungers, Sibylle (Abstract Expressionist Painter), (b.1960);
Vahey, Brien (Landscapes), (b.1956);
Van Kampen, Marja (Expressionist/Colourist Screenprints), (b.1949);
Vanmechelen, Mieke (Expressionist Artist) (b.1975);
Viale, Patrick (Landscape and Still Life Artist), (b.1952);
Waldron, Carol Ann (Genre Painter), (b.1948);
Walker, Sarah (Contemporary Artist), (b.1965);
Walls, Paul (Contemporary Art), (b.1965);
Walsh, Samuel (Contemporary Artist), (b.1951);
Walsh, Simone (Known for Acrylics and Gold Reliefs), (b.1967);
Walshe, Lorcan (Figure Painter in Oils & Mixed-Media) (b.1952);
Walshe, Patrick (Watercolourist), (b.1952);
Walton, Conor (Irish Representational Painting),(b.1970);
Waterworth, Anya (Contemporary Landscape Artist), (b.1962);
Watson, Colin (Landscape, Figure & Interior Artist), (b.1966);
Webb, Susan (Equestrian and Landscape Painter), (b.1962);
Whisker, Charlie (Contemporary Artist), (b.1949);
Wilson, Chris (Landscape & Cartographic Artist), (b.1959);
Wilson, Ross (Sculptor) (b.1957).


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