Irish Artists: 19th Century
Famous Painters, Sculptors & Printmakers of Ireland, Born in the Nineteenth Century.

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A Street in Brittany (1881).
By Stanhope Forbes, one of the
French-style Irish genre-painters
and plein air landscape artists.

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Irish Artists: Nineteenth Century

See below for an alphabetical list of Irish artists, born 1800-1899.

Addey, Joseph Poole (Landscape and Portrait Artist), (1852-1922);
Atkinson, George Mounsey Wheatley (Marine Artist), (1806-1884);
Barry, William Gerard (Portraitist, Landscape Painter), (1864-1941);
Bartlett, William Henry (Landscapes), (1858-1932);
Barton, Rose (Townscape Painter), (1856-1929);
Beechey, Richard Brydges (Marine Painter), (1808-1895);
Blackham, Dorothy (Printmaker and Landscape Artist), (1896-1975);
Bradford, Louis King ARHA (Landscape, Subject Painter) (1807-1862);
Brenan, James (Realistic Genre Painter), (1837-1907);
Bridle, Kathleen (Landscape Art) (1897-1989);
Burke, Augustus Nicholas (Landscape, Rural Artist), (1838-1891);
Burton, Fredrick William (Watercolourist, Portraiture), (1816-1900);
Butler, Mildred Anne (Landscape Art), (1858-1941);
Carey, Joseph W (Illustrator and History Painter), (1859-1937);
Clarke, Harry (Stained Glass artist), (1889-1931);
Clarke, Margaret (Portraitist, Landscapes, Figures), (1888-1961);
Coghill, Egerton Bushe (Landscapes), (1853-1921);
Connor, Jerome (Kerry-born Sculptor) (1876-1943);

Mountain Sheep. By Lilian Davidson,
one of the more internationalist of Irish landscape artists and genre painters.

Breton Girl. By Roderic O'Conor, one
of the more eloquent 19th century
Irish portrait artists, as well as a
genre-scene & landscape painter,
who spent most of his working
life in France.

Conor, William (Working Class Scenes), (1881-1968);
Coulter, William (Marine Artist), (1849-1936);
Craig, James Humbert (Landscape Painter), (1878-1944);
Danby, Francis (Landscapes, Rustic Scenes) (1816-1875);
Davidson, Lilian Lucy (Landscape, Portrait & Genres), (1893-1954);
Dixon, James (Primitive Tory Island Landscape Artist), (1887-1970);
Dobbin, LADY Kate (Flower Painter, Landscapes) (1868-1955);
Dunlop, Ronald Ossory (Watercolour Artist), (1894-1975);
Faulkner, John (Atmospheric Watercolourist), (1835-1894);
Foley, John Henry (Bronze Sculptor and Public Artist), (1818-1874);
Forbes, Stanhope Alexander (Rural Life Artist), (1857-1947);
Fox, Kathleen (Still Life, Portrait Artist, Orientalist), (1880-1963);
French, Percy (William) (Watercolourist, Musician, Illustrator), (1854-1920);
Garstin, Norman (Figure Painter and Landscape Artist), (1847-1926);
Gonne, Maud (Illustrator and Portraitist) (1866-1953);

For details of Irish abstract
painters and sculptors, see:
Abstract Artists Ireland.

For a list of the most important
artists of the nineteenth century
see: Best English Painters.

Gore, William Crampton (Still Life, Flower Artist), (1871-1946);
Markievicz Countess/Constance Gore-Booth (Landscape/Portrait)(1868-1927);
Gregory, Robert (Landscape and Portrait Artist), (1881-1918);
Guinness, May (Figurative Oil Painter and Muralist), (1863-1955);
Hamilton, Eva (Portrait and Landscape Artist), (1876-1960);
Hamilton, Letitia (Landscape Artist), (1878-1964);
Hare, St George (Figurative Painter), (1857-1933);
Harrison, Sarah Cecilia (Figurative Artist), (1863-1941);
Hartland, Gertrude (Illustrator and Flower Painter), (1865-1954);


Hayes, Edwin (Watercolourist and Marine Painter), (1820-1904);
Hayes, Claude RI, ROI (Landscape Artist and Portraitist) (1852-1922);
Hayes, Michael Angelo (Animal Painter), (1820-1877);
Hennessy, William John (Landscape, Genres, Illustrator), (1839-1917);
Henry, Grace (Landscape, Portrait & Flower Painter) (1868-1953);
Henry, Paul (Landscape Artist), (1876-1958);
Higgins, Joseph (Cork Sculptor) (1885-1925);
Hill, Nathaniel RHA (Genre Painter, Portrait Artist) (1861-1934);
Hogan, John (Ireland's Top Neo-Classical Sculptor) (1800-1858);
Hone, Evie (Cubist Painter and Stained Glass Artist), (1894-1955);
Hone, Nathaniel The Younger (Landscapes), (1831-1917);
Hughes, John (Classical Sculptor) (1865-1941);
Iten, Hans (Swiss Landscape Artist & Flower Painter), (1874-1930);
Jellett, Mainie (Abstract Art), (1897-1944);
Joy, George William (Historical and Figurative Painter), (1844-1925);
Kavanagh, Joseph Malachy (Landscapes, Genre works), (1856-1918);
Kay, Dorothy (nee Elvery) (Painter and Illustrator), (1886-1964);
Keating, Sean (Romantic Realist Painter), (1889-1977);
Kelly, Gerald Festus (Academic Portrait & Landscape Artist) (1879-1972);
Lamb, Charles (Landscape Art, Portraits, Figures), (1893-1964);
Lane, Hugh Percy SIR (Art Collector and Philanthropist) (1875-1915);
Lavery, John, SIR (Portraits, Impressionist Plein Air Painter), (1856-1941);
Lawless, Matthew James (Painter, Graphic Designer), (1837-1864);
Leech, William John (Plein Air Landscape Artist), (1881-1968);
MacDonald, Daniel (Portraits, Sketches, Genre Scenes), (1821-1853);
MacKenzie, William Gibbs (Landscape Art) (1857-1924);
Maclise, Daniel (History Painter noted for his Victorian art), (1806-70);
Mahoney, James (Painter, Sketcher and Illustrator), (1810-1879);
McGuiness, William Bingham RHA (Cityscapes, Watercolours) (1849-1928);
McKelvey, Frank (Landscape Artist and Portrait Painter), (1895-1974);
McSwiney, Eugene J (Portraiture and Landscape Art) (1866-1930);
Mitchell, Flora (Watercolour Views of Dublin), (1890-1973);
Moynan, Richard T. (Genre Scenes), (1856-1906);
Mulcahy, Jeremiah Hodges (Landscapes), (1810-1889);
Neill, Henry Echlin (Lithographer, and Landscape Artist), (1888-1981);
Nicholl, Andrew (Watercolourist and Sketcher), (1804-1886);
Nicol, Erskine (Irish-Scots Figurative Painter), (1825-1904);
Nietsche, Paul (Landscape, Portrait & Still Life), (1885-1950);
O'Brien, Dermod (Portraits, Landscape, Figures), (1865-1945);
O'Connor Andrew (Irish-American Sculptor) (1874-1941);
O'Conor, Roderic (Impressionist, Colourist) (1860-1940);
O'Kelly, Aloysius (Landscape, Figures, Orientalist painting), (1853-c.1941);
O'Meara, Frank (Landscapes, Naturalist Tradition), (1853-1888);
Orpen, William, SIR (Academic Portraitist and War Artist), (1878-1931);
Osborne, Walter, Frederick (Irish Impressionist Painter), (1859-1903);
Osborne, William (Animal Painter, Dogs, Horses) (1823-1901);
Powell, Moila (Miniaturist, Mixed-Media Artist), (1895-1994);
Power, Albert (Academic Realist Sculptor) (1881-1945);
Praeger, Sophia Rosamund (Sculpture, Still Life Artist) (1867-1954);
Purser, Sarah (Portrait Painter, Stained Glass Artist), (1848-1943);
Rothwell, Richard (Academic Portrait Artist), (1800-1868);
Russell, George "AE" (Landscape, Portraits, Murals), (1867-1935);
Scanlan, Robert Richard (Portraiture), (1826-1876);
Shannon, James, Jebusa, SIR (Eminent Portraitist) (1862-1923);
Sheppard, Oliver (Nationalistic Sculptor) (1864-1941);
Sleator, James Sinton (Portrait and Still Life Painter), (1889-1950);
Smith, Stephen Catterson (Portraits), (1806-1872);
Solomons, Estella Frances (Academic Portrait Artist), (1882-1968);
Somerville, Edith (Genre Painter, French Realism), (1858-1949);
Staples, Robert Ponsonby, SIR (Portraits, Landscapes), (1853-1943);
Swanzy, Mary (Figure, Landscape, Portrait Artist), (1882-1978);
Thaddeus, Henry Jones (Realist and Portrait Painter), (1859-1929);
Tuohy, Patrick (Academic Portraitist), (1894-1930);
Wall, William Guy (Landscape Artist) (1792-1864);
Watson, Samuel (Painter and Lithographer), (1818-1867);
Wheeler-Cuffe, Charlotte LADY (Botanical Artist), (1867-1967);
Whelan, Leo (Portrait and Genre Painter), (1892-1956);
Williams, Alexander (Landscape and Marine Painter), (1846-1930);
Woods, Padraic (Landscapes), (1893-1991);
Yeats, Jack Butler (Renowned Expressionist Painter), (1871-1957);
Yeats, John Butler (Portraiture) (1839-1922).


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