Wood 'n' Icon Art Studio
Micheal O'Raghaill Irish Wood Sculptor; Maria Gkinala Classical Greek Iconographer, Marble Sculptor, Painter, Animalier.

Wood Sculpture.

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Micheal O'Raghaill and Maria Gkinala

When two highly talented artists from different cultures and backgrounds come together to create beautiful art, the result can be spectacular. This is exemplified by the creative output of Micheal O'Raghaill and Maria Gkinala, from their Wood 'n' Icon art studio in Corlough, County Cavan. Both are highly cultured artists, trained in differing disciplines. O'Raghaill is a master woodcarver, wood sculptor, medievalist and cabinet-maker, while Gkinala - a painter and marble-sculptor - is classically trained in the Iconography of the Orthodox Church. Their unusual interests and skills have enabled them to produce an astonishing diversity of work (only some of which is featured on this page), including: wood carvings, marble sculptures, figure drawings, icon paintings, miniatures, landscapes, portraits of animals, hand-crafted furniture, illustrations, objets d'art and much more. Their works have appeared in exhibitions and TV programs at home and on the Continent, and are represented in numerous private collections in Europe, the United States, Japan, Australia, and South Africa.

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Icon Painting.


Micheal O'Raghaill

Born in Belturbet, Co Cavan, in 1957, O'Raghaill has extensive knowledge and experience of historical heritage and restoration work. He has participated in a number of important crafts and education projects in Ireland, for the National Museum, the Cavan Museum, Navan Travellers' Workshop, plus other public exhibitions at home and abroad. He gives lectures, seminars, teaching workshops, living history demonstrations and shows for National television and radio.

Maria Gkinala

Born in Athens in 1960, Gkinala studied fine art (painting, Architectonic drawing, marble and wood-carving), Byzantine icon-painting and the History of Art, (1979-81).


In her Athens studio (1982-9) she produced a series of religious icons using egg-tempera on gilded linen canvas and hand-carved wood panels, while also teaching private pupils and exploring other forms of arts and crafts. At the Young Artists Biennial, at Athens in 1988, she won an award for her icon of Christ the Pantokrator. Several original icons by her were commissioned by Athens-based art company Apergis, which have since served as models for icon-painters worldwide. She has also received commissions from the Archbishop of Greece and Cardinal Sean Brady. In addition to her important contribution to iconographic art, she is an outstanding sculptor, illustrator, landscape artist and animalier, having produced a wide range of meticulous breed portraits of dogs and other animals. She is also a noted Great Dane breeder and judge. Gkinala moved to Ireland in 2005, and now lives and works with O'Raghaill in Co. Cavan in County Cavan.

Both artists are available for commissions and offer a variety of tuition courses in their respective disciplines. See their website (below).

Our Opinion

I can't remember every encountering such a wide range of artistic talent and achievement across so many genres, media and art-forms, from classical Greek art to energy-saving joinery. I strongly recommend that you visit their website: www.wood-icon.com.


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