Ulster Society of Women Artists

Ulster Society of Women Artists (USWA)

Founded by Antrim painter Gladys McCabe in 1957, the Ulster Society of Women Artists plays an extremely active role in the visual arts in Northern Ireland, staging exhibitions, lectures, workshops, gallery visits and other art-related activities. Many of these artistic events are open to the public.

The Society currently has a membership of more than 100 members, including members from the Royal Ulster Academy and the Ulster Watercolour Society, of whom a significant proportion are professional or semi-professional artists. Representing a wide variety of visual arts, from drawing and painting to printmaking and installation art, all artist members have been elected to the USWA as a result of their creative talents. Members works can be viewed on the Society website, along with their artistic CV.


The objectives of the USWA are:
1. To promote a high standard of visual art in Ulster
2. To maintain such an artistic standard in USWA art shows, that election to Membership would be seen as a mark of distinction.
3. To discover and encourage creative talent.

Since its foundation in 1957, the Ulster Society of Women Artists has held a minimum of two art exhibitions each year. Traditionally, these are held in the autumn - open to submissions from members only - and in the spring - open to all submissions.

USWA Council Members (2010)

Founder: Gladys Maccabe MBE MA(hon) ROI RUA FRSA
President: Pat Burgess
Secretary: Trish Thompson
Assist. Sec: Joan Ross-Vening
Treasurer: Libby Mulqueeny
Assist.Treasurer: Trish Thompson

USWA Committee Members

Oonagh Catchpole
Aileen Hull
Joan Kingan
Janice Lightowler
Kate Rocks
Isabelle Strugnell

For more information about the Ulster Society of Women Artists (USWA),
please visit their website at www.uswa.co.uk.

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