Ulster Watercolour Society

Ulster Watercolour Society (UWS)

Founded in 1976, the Ulster Watercolour Society includes in its ranks nearly all of the top watercolourists in Northern Ireland today. As the name suggests, the Society's main interests span watercolour painting, gouache or line and wash.

Membership and Aims

Although the Society was formed a mere 32 years ago, its membership now stands at almost 100 members, including members from the Royal Ulster Academy and the Ulster Society of Women Artists, of whom twelve are honorary members. The aims of the Ulster Watercolour Society include: the promotion of watercolour painting in Ulster, the exhibition of high quality water colour gouache or line and wash artworks, and the encouragement of watercolourists of all ages. Members are invited to post a sample of their work and artistic CV on the Society Website.

Membership Selection

Membership of The Ulster Watercolour Society is by selection and takes place once a year. Applicants must submit 3 framed water colours, a portfolio of not less than 10 other water colours and an up-to-date artist CV. All works must have been painted in the past 3 years. Water colour, gouache and pen & wash are considered acceptable mediums for submission.

Annual Art Show

The Ulster Watercolour Society holds an Exhibition each year in the Spring. Previous exhibitors and members have included such distinguished artists as Gladys MacCabe and Maurice C. Wilks, to name but two. Admission to the society is by selection, which typically occurs each year around the time of the annual exhibition. For details, please contact the secretary. As a rule, the selection committee requires five pieces of work, mounted or framed, executed in watercolour, gouache or line and wash. The 33rd annual exhibition ran from Saturday 22 May 2010 to 29 May 2010 at the Old Assembly Building, 2 Donegall Street, Belfast.

For more information about the Watercolour Society (UWS), please visit their website at www.uws.org.uk.

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