John Henry Campbell
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Wooded River Landscape with
Figures on a Path

John Henry Campbell (1757-1828)

A highly respected watercolourist of his day, the Irish artist John Henry Campbell was born in Dublin in 1757 and, like the nineteenth century watercolourist John Faulkner, studied at the Royal Dublin Society school of art. He duly established himself in Dublin as a landscape artist in both oils and watercolours. He was also accomplished at figure painting, sketching and printmaking.

An Extensive Wooded Landscape
Co Wicklow

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The composition of his watercolour painting was often quite formal - for example, he tended to 'frame' his principal subject within trees and other scenic reference points - but his treatment of light was outstanding for a watercolourist of his day, and he had a noticeable effect on younger Irish artists such as Francis Danby (1793-1861).

Unfortunately, his landscapes in oils are extremely scarce.

John Campbell exhibited at the Royal Hibernian Academy (RHA) in 1826 and 1828. In 1966, the Neptune Gallery in Dublin held a one man exhibition for him.

His artworks are represented in the National Gallery of Ireland (water colours, including: a "View near Rostrevor") and British Museum (2 drawings).

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