Samuel Frederick Brocas
Irish Urban Landscape Artist, Architectural Painter: Biography, Paintings.

College Green, Dublin

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Samuel Brocas (1792-1847)

Best noted for his drawings of views of Dublin, Samuel Frederick Brocas was the son of Henry Brocas senior (1762-1837), a Dublin-based landscape watercolourist, engraver and illustrator who became Master of Landscape and Ornament at the Royal Dublin Society art school. Samuel's three other brothers also became artists. James Henry Brocas (c. 1790-1846) was mainly an animal painter; William Brocas (1794-1868) painted portraits and figure subjects and was the only Brocas to become a Royal Hibernian Academician; while Henry Brocas jr (c. 1798-1873) was a noted engraver.

The General Post Office, Dublin

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While he almost certainly received basic tuition from his father, on drawing and painting, Samuel obtained his main art instruction at the Dublin Society's School, where he won a medal for flower-painting (1801), etching (1802) and figure-drawing (1807). Thereafter, he started practising in Dublin as a landscape artist, working in both oils and watercolours. He showed at exhibitions in Dublin in 1804, 1809 and 1812. In addition, between the years 1828 and 1847 he contributed numerous outdoor views to the Royal Hibernian Academy shows. In his final years, he became a member of the Society of Irish Artists and showed at their first exhibition in 1845. His main work - a set of 12 views of Dublin - involved close collaboration with his youngest brother Henry. Samuel did the drawing, Henry the engraving.

In addition to his Dublin pictures, Samuel Brocas also excelled at animal art, rural scenes and commercial illustrations for magazines, periodicals and publishers of the time. The National Gallery of Ireland has two of his paintings, both watercolours: "View of Dublin from near the Four Courts" and a "View of College Green and Trinity College." Other art museums that hold works by Samuel Brocas include the Victoria and Albert, and the British Museum.

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