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We welcome all articles on topics concerning painting, sculpture or printmaking, as well as photography, stained glass, ceramics, or any contemporary art-form such as Installation, Conceptual or Performance art. In addition, we welcome reviews of exhibitions, comments and opinions about the organization and support of visual artists in Ireland. If you would like to become a regular contributor or columnist with your own byline, please contact the Editor.

WANTED: Articles About Irish Art

  • Launched in April 2008, aims to be a leading online VISUAL resource for Irish and world art.
  • Already it has over 4,000 images of beautiful paintings on display, and thousands more are planned.
  • In addition, it features biographies of hundreds of world class artists from Munster, Leinster, Connacht and Ulster, Europe, America and Russia; plus articles on the history of Irish and Western art, the main painting genres, the principal art movements periods and styles, museums and galleries as well as most art forms.
  • Already it receives comments and enquiries about art, from all over Europe and North America, as well as from Russia, the Far East and Australia.
  • It's a perfect platform to communicate your views to a global audience.

Suggestions For Articles

History of visual art in Ireland: 3000 BCE - Present.
• Ideas about Ancient Celtic art (metalwork, sculpture, pottery), or Celtic designs (interlace, spirals).
• Famous Irish painters/sculptors: their lives, works, reputations and influence.
• Contemporary arts: artistic merit, styles and exponents. The Most Expensive Irish Paintings.
• Detectable Irish art styles.
• Your view of the best Irish artists.
• The role of public art: as a community service; as vocational sponsorship.
• The history and/or role of Irish arts organizations and artist groups like Aosdana.
• How art is/should be financed.
Irish art galleries and museums: opinions.
• Major exhibitions: previews or reviews.
• Painting techniques.
• Non-representational versus Representational painting in Ireland.
Plein-air painting versus studio work.
• Your opinions about Irish Landscape Artists.
• Your views on Irish Portraitists.
• Your criticisms/praise for Irish Genre Painters.
• Your views on Irish Sculpture.
• Practical advice for would-be professional artists.
• The Irish art world: how it operates, winners and losers.
• Views on the historical roles of the Royal Hibernian Academy, and Irish Exhibition of Living Art.
• The Irish art market: who is overvalued/undervalued?; galleries vs auctions; tips for buyers.
• The art establishment: how representative, how open/closed.
• New ways of selling paintings. (eg. art party)
• Ways of making painting more fun and more accessible. (eg. Art Jam Ireland)
• The value or meaning of art.
• The difference between "Modern Art" and "Contemporary Art." Which do you prefer?
• What is Postmodernist art and what it means to you.

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