Martin Mooney
Irish Landscape Artist, Still Life Painter. Biography, Paintings.

Martin Mooney (b.1960)

The Irish academic artist Martin Mooney, who specializes in landscape painting and still-life, was born in Belfast in 1960. He studied art at the University of Ulster's Faculty of Art and Design, took an Honours Degree in fine art at the Brighton College of Art and Design, and attended a postgraduate course at the Slade School of Fine Art, in London.

Mooney has won numerous awards, including the 'Richard Ford Award' from the Royal Academy (RA) in 1985.





Martin Mooney's paintings have been exhibited at a variety of solo shows and exhibitions in Dublin, Belfast, Toronto, Barcelona, London and Cyprus, including numerous Royal Hibernian Academy (RHA) exhibitions, and a recent highly successful show at the Portland Gallery in London (2004). Selected one-man shows include: "Martin Mooney" - Solomon Gallery, Dublin (1988); "Martin Mooney" - Robert G. Kearns, Toronto, Canada (1993); "Martin Mooney" - Solomon Gallery, Dublin (1998); "Martin Mooney: Recent Work" - Solomon Gallery, Dublin (2000); "Martin Mooney: Recent Work" - Solomon, Dublin (2002).

Style of Painting

Working in oils on panels and canvas, Mooney frequently paints in the tradition of the plein-air or outdoor Barbizon landscape school and/or Impressionism, capturing landscapes in a variety of locations in Ireland and overseas. Having lived in Spain for several years, he is also influenced by the noted Spanish landscape artists. In addition to his outdoor artistry, Mooney is equally capable of producing more deliberate and highly detailed studio works in the tradition of the seventeenth and eighteenth century Dutch and Flemish Old Masters. Mooney's artworks are represented in many public and private collections of Irish painting. He now lives in County Donegal with his wife and two children.

Most Expensive Painting By Martin Mooney

The auction record for a work by Martin Mooney was set in 2006, when one of his still lifes, entitled Still Life with Floral Jug, was sold at James Adams, in Dublin, for €32,000.

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