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Gormley's Fine Art

One of Ireland's leading galleries, renowned for its strong mix of emerging and established artists, Gormley's has an exceptional portfolio of painting and sculpture designed to interest a broad spectrum of collectors, particularly first-time buyers. With gallery venues, in Omagh, Belfast and Dublin, as well as a comprehensive online gallery at www.gormleys.ie - the company occupies a strong position in the Irish art market.

Commitment to the Best of Irish Art

The success of the company is due largely to the undiminished passion of its founder and owner, Oliver Gormley, and his commitment to new artistic talent. After a decade of significant investment, Gormley's can now claim to offer works by the leading painters and sculptors in all the major genres and styles. In addition to contemporary works, the company also offers a range of paintings by outstanding deceased artists. The net result is a product range that represents the very best of Irish art.

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Exhibitions and Public Showings

As well as participating in major arts events throughout Ireland and the UK, Gormley's hosts a regular program of solo and group exhibitions at its three galleries - including its annual Christmas Show in November. All shows are viewable online at www.gormleys.ie and are fully supported by explanatory literature. The company also produces Living With Art, a superlative catalogue detailing its wide stable of artists.

Buy AND Sell Through Gormley's

Once you find a painting, print or piece of sculpture that interests you, either call +44 28 8224 7738 for an instant quote, or enquire/order online at www.gormleys.ie. There is a full Money Back Guarantee, and all orders are shipped through an insured courier.


Artists Represented by Gormley's

Gormley's handles all types and genres of painting, with perhaps an emphasis on representational art, especially figurative works, still life, and landscape. In addition, the company offers an exceptionally wide range of sculpture (in all sizes) including many breathtaking figurative and abstract pieces.

Painters (Living)

Gormley's handles nearly 100 contemporary artists. Their list includes:

Aiken, Jonathan
Ballard, Brian
Behan, John
Bell, Frances
Bentham, Rick
Biancalani, Antonio
Bonfanti, Maurizio
Bradshaw, Alan
Brohan, James
Byrne, Val
Cahill, James
Campbell, Paddy
Campbell, Raymond
Carroll, Marie
Casement, Leo
Cherup, Sergey
Childs, Philip
Cope, Elizabeth
Cotter, Sean
Crowley-Long, Jacinta
Crozier, William
Davidson, Rowland
Devon, Gary
Dolci, Simona
Donaghy, Paul
Donovan, Jack
Duffy, Rita
English, James
Farrall , Anne
Finlay, Verner
Flaherty, Michael
Flynn, Paul Christopher
Hamilton, Ken
Harper, Charles
Hynes, Joe
Janz, Robert
Kelly, Dennis
Kelly, Josephine
Kerr, Barry
Kingerlee, John
Klinger, Ursula
Knuttel, Graham
Lynch, Tony
Maccabe, Gladys
May, James
McEwen, Jonny
Meagher, Eileen
Mitchell, Jackie
Monaghan, Peter
Morris, John
Murphy, Noel
Nicholl, Leslie
O'Brien, Senan
O'Neill, Mark
Overend, David
Ryan, Thomas
Smyth, Audrey
Smyth, George Henry
Smyth, Michael
Swanston, Jane
Sweeney, Ger
Tabb, Barrington
Teeling, Norman
Trouton, Jennifer
Vallely, J B
Vallely, Lorcan
Viscardi, Claudio
Waldron, Carol Ann
Walsh, Ronan
Watson, Colin
Watson, Paul
Webb, Kenneth
Wilson, Paul
Wilson, Ross
Wright, Adrian

Painters (Deceased)

In addition to their list of contemporary painters, Gormley's offers works by a number of outstanding Irish artists from the 19th and 20th century, including:


George Campbell (landscape), William Conor (Belfast genre scenes), James Humbert Craig (landscapes), Gerard Dillon (subject painter), Percy French (landscape), Sean Keating (iconic Nationalist works), Norah McGuinness (modern landscapes), Frank McKelvey (rural landscapes), Colin Middleton (Surrealist), Markey Robinson (primitive art), George AE Russell (landscapes, murals), Maurice Canning Wilks (landscape).


Gormley's has a dedicated sculpture gallery, and offers a diverse range of 3-D artworks - in stone, bronze, steel, wood and contemporary materials - from a wide range of Irish and overseas artists. Their list includes:

Barry, Patrick
Behan, John
Bell, Sandra
Blount, Bobby
Bodem, Robert
Bortolussi, Ilaria
Brennan, Colm
Brunker, Linda
Buick, Robin
Bulfin, Siobhan
Byrne, Emer
Campbell, Paddy
Cortes, Isolde
Cussen, Cliodna
Dali, Salvador
Daly, Jarleth
de Bri, Orla
Delaney, Edward
Dolan, Nicholas
Drew, Ken
Duncan, Ana
Dunne, David
Fallon, Conor
FitzGerald, Tom
Flanagan, Barry
French, Mel
Gillespie, Rowan
Glendon, Thomas
Higgins, Leo
Horan, James
Killeen, Peter
Kim, Olivia
Knuttel, Graham
Landweer, Sonja
Linnane, Anna
Linnane, Barry
MacCarthy, James
Massey, Angus
Massey, Fidelma
Mc Donagh, Eileen
McCullough, Gavan
O'Connell, Helen
O'Doherty, Eamonn
O'Hehir, Debi
O'Kane, Elizabeth
O'Reilly, Patrick
Pollock, Ian
Pratley, Hywel
Quinn, Bob
Sherlock, John
Sinclair, Helen
Smyth, Audrey
Smyth, Michael
Stone, Christopher
Sullivan, Mason
Swanson, Cody
Tazzioli, Dario

Gormleys Fine Art
25 South Frederick Street, Dublin 2
County Dublin
Phone: (01) 6729031.

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