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Essays, articles, facts about Irish visual arts.
Irish Art Guide

Visual Arts Institutions
Short profiles of official organizations and bodies involved in arts management for the 32 counties of Ireland.

Irish Art Organizations

Artist Groups
Descriptions of the principal artist-led groups in Ireland: groups, collectives, journals.

Irish Arts Review

Art and Culture in The 32 Counties
Articles covering the architectural, sculptural and religious history of art in the 32 counties of Ireland, together with details of modern visual arts events, local artists and art centres.

Visual Arts in Ireland
Connacht Visual Arts
Leinster Visual Arts
Munster Visual Arts
Ulster Visual Arts

History of Irish Art
Articles on the evolution and development of visual arts in Ireland, from c.3300 BCE to present day contemporary art. Plus details of masterpieces of Irish craftsmanship from early Celtic history.

History of Irish Art
Illuminated Manuscripts
Book of Kells (c.800)

Culture of the Ancient Celts
Articles about the origins, history and development of Hallstatt, La Tene and Hiberno-Saxon styles of art.
Celtic Art
Celtic Culture/History
Hallstatt Culture
La Tene Culture

Designwork, Artistic Motifs
Motifs and patterns associated with the Ancient Celts, along with zoomorphic iconography.
Celtic Designs

National Museums and Galleries
Profiles of the principal state-run art venues, in Dublin, and across the provinces, with information about their collections, exhibits and history.
Guide to Irish Art Galleries

Fine Arts Market in Ireland
Information about auction sales, prices and trends in the Irish art market, plus mini-profiles of Ireland's most prestigious auctioneers/valuers.
Irish Art Market

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