Archeological Monuments of Ireland
Historical Buildings in Munster, Leinster, Connacht, Ulster.

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Turoe Stone, Galway. An example of
Stone Age art of Ireland.

Aerial View of Tara Mounds,
County Meath, (c.2000 BCE).

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Archeological Monuments of Ireland


National Monuments in Ireland
List of Archeological Monuments
County Carlow
County Cavan
County Clare
County Cork
County Donegal
County Dublin
County Galway
County Kerry
County Kildare
County Kilkenny
County Laois
County Leitrim
County Limerick
County Longford
County Louth
County Mayo

County Meath
County Monaghan
County Offaly
County Roscommon
County Sligo
County Tipperay
County Waterford
County Westmeath
County Wexford
County Wicklow

County Antrim
County Armagh
County Derry
County Down
County Fermanagh
County Tyrone



The term "archeological monuments" embraces man-made structures as well as natural earth or rock features altered by man. First appearing during the era of Neolithic art, archeological monuments in Ireland vary considerably in size and complexity, ranging from megaliths like the famous passage tomb cemetery of Newgrange (see also: Megalithic art) to petroglyphs featuring rocks decorated with cup and circle designs, while rural monuments include examples of ringforts or raths, as well as castles, round towers, abbeys, monasteries and churches. Urban archeological monuments include medieval, Norman and Elizabethan town walls, ditches, gates and bridges. Underground archeological sites, such as buried deposits are also not uncommon, and these ancient deposits or hoards of artifacts can reveal as much data about our predecessors. The earliest known archeological sites in Ireland (Leinster, Munster, Connacht and Ulster) comprise traces of temporary settlements inhabited by prehistoric (Mesolithic and Neolithic) fishermen, and hunter-gatherers dating to 6,000-8,000 BCE.

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National Monuments in Ireland

All Irish archeological monuments are protected by law (the National Monuments Acts 1930 - 2004), and their details are recorded by The National Monuments Service of the Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government.

Those monuments that are of national importance because of their historical, architectural, traditional, artistic or archeological interest (as outlined by Section 2 of the National Monuments Act 1930), are called "national monuments". At present, there are over 1,000 individual monuments (located in 768 separate sites), varying from wedge- portal- and passage-tombs of the neolithic era, to medieval churches, priories, abbeys, monasteries and castles, and historic buildings of more recent times. Such structures may be taken into ownership or guardianship of the Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government, as outlined by Section 5 of the National Monuments Act (1930). These nationally-important monuments are looked after by several organizations. Conservation of these monuments is handled by the Office of Public Works, while responsibility for the archeological aspects of projects rests with Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government.

List of Archeological Monuments in Ireland

Irish culture embraces a rich ancient heritage of Stone Age sites (eg. the Céide Fields), architectural structures (eg. Newgrange), Iron Age Celtic art (notably Celtic metalwork art and monumental sculpture like the Turoe Stone), and Christian monastic settlements (eg. Monasterboice, Clonmacnoise, Kells, Durrow) responsible for illuminated manuscripts and religious ringed High Cross sculpture. More modern but of no less significance to the history of Irish art and culture, are the Romanesque and Gothic remains of numerous churches and abbeys built by the Augustinian, Benedictine, Cistercian, Dominican and Franciscan Holy Orders, Norman castles (eg. Maynooth Castle), and numerous country houses built in the Elizabethan, Palladian and Queen Anne styles of architecture, along with Irish sculpture, decorative artworks, fine furniture, textiles, tapestries, stained glass and other craftwork. Many of the latter housed rich patrons of Irish painting (notably landscapes and portraiture in the 17th and 18th century. Some of these modern structures (eg. Dublin Castle, Aras an Uachtarain, Muckross House, Royal Hospital Kilmainham) are now home to important officers and offices of state, and aspects of Irish culture. And many of these monuments were closely associated with the development of visual arts in Ireland.


Here is a list of important historical monuments, listed county-by-county across the 32 counties and 4 provinces of Ireland. For details of specific buildings, please see: Architectural Monuments of Ireland.

County Carlow (Province of Leinster)

Archeological monuments in County Carlow of historical, architectural or artistic interest include:

• Aghade (Cloghaphoill) Holed Stone, Aghade, Carlow.
• Ballyloughan Castle, Ballyloughan, Carlow.
• Ballymoon Castle, Ballymoon, Carlow.
• Baunogenasraid Burial Mound, Baunogenasraid, Carlow.
• Carlow Castle, Carlow Town.
• Castlemore Motte, Bailey & Cross Slab, Castlemore, Carlow.
• Browneshill Portal Tomb, Kernanstown, Carlow.
• Killoughternane Church Killoughternane Carlow.
• Rathvilly Moat Burial Mound, Knockroe, Carlow.
• Leighlinbridge Castle, Leighlinbridge Carlow.
• Lorum Cross Fragment, Lorum, Carlow.
• Nurney Cross, Nurney, Carlow.
• St. Mullin's Early Medieval Ecclesiastical Site, St. Mullin's, Carlow.
• Straboe Medieval Grave Slab, Straboe, Carlow.

County Cavan (Province of Ulster)

Archeological monuments in County Cavan of historical, architectural or artistic interest include:

• Cabragh Ringfort Cabragh Cavan.
• Cohaw Court Tomb Cohaw Cavan.
• Drumlane Church & Round Tower Drumlane Cavan.
• Errigal Ringfort Errigal Cavan.
• Gartnanoul Court Tomb Gartnanoul Cavan.
• Clogh Oughter Castle Inishconnell Cavan.
• Lisnagowan Ringfort Lisnagowan Cavan.

County Clare (Province of Munster)

Archeological monuments in County Clare of historical, architectural or artistic interest include:

• Corcomore Abbey Abbey (Cistercian) Abbey West Clare.
• Ballyallaban Ringforts Ballyallaban Clare.
• Tau Cross (Cross Inneenboy) Cross Ballycashen, Roughan, Clare.
• Ballyhickey Wedge Tomb Ballyhickey Clare.
• Brian Boru's Fort Ringfort Ballyvally Clare.
• Bunratty Castle Bunratty East Clare.
• Caheraphuca Wedge Tomb Caheraphuca Clare.
• Cahermacnaghten Cashel Cahermacnaghten Clare.
• Canon Island Abbey Abbey (Augustinian) Canon Island Clare.
• Clareabbey Abbey (Augustinian) Clareabbey Clare.
• Dromore Castle Dromore Clare.
• Drumcliffe Church & Round Tower Drumcliffe Clare.
• Ennis Friary Friary (Franciscan) Ennis Clare.
• Gleninagh Castle Gleninagh Clare.
• Inchicronan Abbey Abbey (Augustinian) Inchicronan Clare.
• Inishcaltra Early Medieval Ecclesiastical Site, Holy Island, Clare.
• Kilfenora Church Kilcarragh Clare.
• Kilfenora Abbey Friary (Franciscan) Kilfenora Clare.
• Kilfenora Cathedral & Crosses Kilfenora Clare.
• St. Molua's Church Church Killaloe Clare.
• Leamaneah Castle Leamaneah North Clare.
• Dysert O' Dea Church, Round Tower & Cross Mollaneen Clare.
• Mooghaun Hillfort Mooghaun South Clare.
• Killone Abbey Abbey (Augustinian) Newhall Clare.
• Oughtmama Three Churches Oughtmama Clare.
• Ruan Church Portlecka Clare.
• Poulnabrone Portal Tomb Poulnabrone Clare.
• Quin Abbey Friary (Franciscan) Quin Clare.
• Carrigaholt Castle Rinemackaderrig Clare.
• Scattery Island Early Medieval Ecclesiastical Site Scattery Island Clare.
• St. Flannan's Church Church Shantraud Clare.
• Slievenaglasha Wedge Tomb Slievenaglasha Clare.
• Temple Cronan Church Termon Clare.
• Magh Adhair Inauguration Site Toonagh Clare.
• Tullycommon Wedge Tomb Tullycommon Clare.
• Cashlaungarr Cashel Tullycommon Clare.
• Cahercommaun Cashel Tullycommon Clare.

County Cork (Province of Munster)

Archeological monuments in County Cork of historical, architectural or artistic interest include:

• Altar Wedge Tomb Altar Cork.
• Ardskeagh Church Ardskeagh Cork.
• Ballybeg Dovecote Ballybeg East Cork.
• Ballybeg Tower Ballybeg West Cork.
• Ballybeg Abbey Friary (Augustinian) Ballybeg West Cork.
• Templekieran, Clear Island Church & Cross inscribed pillar Ballyieragh North Cork.
• Ballynacarriga Castle Ballynacarriga Cork.
• Barryscourt Castle Barryscourt Cork.
• Blossomfort Ringfort Blossomfort Cork.
• Glanworth Medieval tower Boherash Cork.
• Glanworth Castle Boherash Cork.
• Rock Abbey, Glanworth Friary (Franciscan) Boherash Cork.
• Breeny More Stone Circle & boulder burials Breeny More Cork.
• Buttevant Abbey Friary (Franciscan) Buttevant Cork.
• Cahervagliar Ringfort Cappeen West Cork.
• Carrigagulla Stone Circle Carrigagulla Cork.
• Carrigaphooca Castle Carrigaphooca Cork.
• Carrigaphooca Stone Circle Carrigaphooca Cork.
• Castledonovan Castle Castledonovan Cork.
• Mallow Castle Castlelands Cork.
• Clodagh Standing Stones - Pair Clodagh Cork.
• Conna Castle Conna Cork.
• Carntierna Hillfort & Cairn Coolcarron, Corrin Cork.
• Coolcoulaghta Standing Stones - Pair Coolcoulaghta Cork.
• Coole Upper Two Churches Coole Upper Cork.
• Derryarkane Stone Circle & Standing Stone Derryarkane Cork.
• Drishane Castle Drishane More Cork.
• Dromaneen Castle Dromaneen Cork.
• Drombeg Stone Circle, Hut Site & Fulacht Fiadh Drombeg Cork.
• Sherkin Abbey Friary (Franciscan) Farranacoush Cork.
• Farranahineeny Stone Row Farranahineeny Cork.
• Knockdrum Stone Fort Cashel Farrandau Cork.
• Ballycrovane Ogham Stone Faunkill, Cork.
• Charles Fort Star-Shaped-Fort Forthill Cork.
• Greenhill Ogham Stones Greenhill Cork.
• Island Wedge Tomb Island Cork.
• Kilbolane Castle Kilbolane Cork.
• Kilcrea Abbey Friary (Franciscan) Kilcrea Cork.
• Kileenemer Church Killeenemer Cork.
• Kilnaruane/Bantry Pillar Ston Shaft of High Cross Kilnaruane Cork.
• Knocknakilla Stone Circle Knocknakilla Cork.
• Labbacallee Wedge Tomb Labbacallee Cork.
• Labbamolaga Church & Grave slabs Labbamolaga Cork.
• Liscarroll Castle Liscarroll Cork.
• Lissacresig Stone Circle Lissacresig Cork.
• Lissacresig Ringfort Lissacresig Cork.
• Maughanasilly Stone Row Maughanasilly Cork.
• Castlelyons Abbey Friary (Dominican) Mohera Cork.
• James Fort Star-Shaped-Fort & Blockhouse Old-Fort Cork.
• Kanturk Castle Paal East Cork.
• Skeagh Ring barrow & Cairn Skeagh Cork.
• Mount Gabriel Prehistoric Mines Skeagh Cork.
• Kinneigh Round Tower Round Tower Sleenoge Cork.
• Timoleague Abbey Friary (Franciscan) Timoleague Cork.
• Desmond Castle or The French Prison, Kinsale, Cork.
• Tower House Townplots Cork.
• Tullylease Church & Grave Slabs Tullylease Cork.
• Michael Collins birth place Site with historic associations Woodfield Cork.
• North Abbey Friary (Dominican) Youghal Lands Cork.


County Donegal (Province of Ulster)

Archeological monuments in County Donegal of historical, architectural or artistic interest include:

• Glencolumbkille Church & Holy Well Ballymore Donegal.
• Grianan of Aileach Cashel Carrowreagh, Speenogue, Toulett, Donegal.
• Cashel (Glencolumbkille) Penitential Station Cashel Donegal.
• Doe Castle Castledoe Donegal.
• Carrdonagh Cross Churchland Quarters, Clonca, Donegal.
• Clonca Church, High Cross & Grave Slab Clonca Donegal.
• Donegal Castle.
• Donegal Abbey Friary (Franciscan) Glebe Donegal.
• Inishkeel Island Early Medieval Ecclesiastical Site Innishkeel Island Donegal.
• Malin Beg (Glencolumbkille) Church & Ringfort Malin Beg Donegal.
• Malin More (Glencolumbkille) Megalithic Tombs Malin More Donegal.
• Newmills Corn and Flax Mill Milling Complex Milltown Donegal.
• Pluck Standing Stone Pluck Donegal.
• Ray Church & Cross Ray Donegal.
• Beltany Stone circle & standing stone Tops Donegal.
• Tory Island Early Medieval Ecclesiastical Site Tory Island Donegal.
• O'Doherty's Keep Castle Tullyarvan Donegal.

County Dublin (Province of Leinster)

Archeological monuments in Dublin city/county of historical, architectural or artistic interest include:

• Baldongan Church & Tower Baldongan Dublin.
• Ballyedmonduff Wedge Tomb Ballyedmonduff Dublin.
• Balrothery Church Tower Balrothery Dublin.
• Brenanstown Portal Tomb Brenanstown Dublin.
• Clondalkin Round Tower & Cross Clondalkin Dublin.
• Tully's Castle (Clondalkin) Castle Clondalkin Dublin.
• Archbold's Castle Dalkey Dublin.
• Dalkey Island Church Dalkey Island Dublin.
• St. Mary's Abbey Abbey (Cistercian) (Chapter house) North City Dublin.
• St. Audoen's Church Dublin.
• St. Stephen's Green Park Dublin.
• Dunsoghly Castle Dunsoghly Dublin.
• Glencullen Standing Stone Glencullen Dublin.
• Grange Abbey Church Grange Dublin.
• Howth Church Howth Dublin.
• Kilgobbin Cross Kilgobbin Dublin.
• Kill of the Grange Church, Well & Bullaun Stone Kill of the Grange Dublin.
• Killiney Church Killiney Dublin.
• Kilmainham Gaol Prison Kilmainham Dublin.
• Kilmainham Hospital Dublin. (See also Irish Museum of Modern Art).
• Kilmashogue Wedge Tomb Kilmashogue Dublin.
• Kiltiernan Portal Tomb Kiltiernan Domain Dublin.
• Laughanstown Crosses and wedge tomb Laughanstown Dublin.
• Tully Church Laughanstown Dublin.
• Lusk Round Tower & Church Tower Lusk Dublin.
• Casino, Marino Demesne Building Marino Dublin.
• Monkstown Castle Monkstown Dublin.
• Rathfarnham Castle or Fortified House Rathfarnham Dublin.
• Rathmichael Early Medieval Ecclesiastical Site Rathmichael Dublin.
• Swords Castle Swords Dublin.
• Tibradden Cairn Tibradden Dublin.

County Galway (Province of Connacht)

Archeological monuments in County Galway of historical, architectural or artistic interest include:

• Knockmoy Church Abbert Demesne Galway.
• Knockmoy Abbey Abbey (Cistercian) Abbey Galway.
• Kilconnell Abbey Friary (Franciscan) Abbeyfield Galway.
• Dunmore Abbey Friary (Augustinian) Abbeyland South Galway.
• Clontuskert Abbey Priory (Augustinian) Abbeypark Galway.
• Annaghdown Early Medieval Ecclesiastical Site Annaghdown Galway.
• Ardamullivan Castle Ardamullivan Galway.
• Athenry Abbey Priory (Dominican) Athenry Galway.
• Athenry Castle Athenry Galway.
• Aughrim Two Rinforts Attidermot Galway.
• Aughnanaure Castle Aughnanure Galway.
• Caheravoley House & Bawn Caheravoley, Kilcahill Galway.
• Doonbeg Ringfort Carrownlisheen Galway.
• Carrownlisheen Wedge Tomb Carrownlisheen Galway.
• Templesaghtmacree Church Carrownlisheen Galway.
• Carrownlisheen A Cross Carrownlisheen Galway.
• Labbanakinneriga Church Carrownlisheen Galway.
• Doonfarvagh Cashel Carrownlisheen Galway.
• Kilcanonagh Church Church Carrownlisheen Galway.
• Dun Conor Cashel Carrowntemple Galway.
• Dunmore Castle Castlefarm Galway.
• Castlegar East St. Cuan's well & Cross slabs Castlegar East Galway.
• Feartagar or Jennings Castle Castlegrove East Galway.
• Isert Kelly Castle Castlepark Galway.
• Kiltartan Castle Castletown Galway.
• Claregalway Abbey Friary (Franciscan) Galway.
• Cloonigny Castle Ringfort & Castle Cloonigny Galway.
• Derryhiveny Castle Derryhiveny South Galway.
• Doorus Wedge Tomb Doorus Demesne Galway.
• Drumacoo Early Medieval Ecclesiastical Site Drumacoo Galway.
• Drumharsna Castle Drumharsna South Galway.
• Fiddaun Castle Fiddaun Galway.
• Kilnalekin Abbey Abbey (Cistercian) Friary Galway.
• Glinsk Castle Glinsk Galway.
• High Island Early Medieval Ecclesiastical Site High Island and Kill Galway.
• Inchagoill Early Medieval Ecclesiastical Site Inchagoill Galway.
• Furmina Castle Inisheer Galway.
• Creggankeel Fort Cashel Innisheer Galway.
• St. Gobnet's Church (Kilgobnet) Church Innisheer Galway.
• Knockgrannary Burial Ground Innisheer Galway.
• St. Cavan's Church Church Innisheer Galway.
• Great Fort Cashel Innisheer Galway.
• Grave of the Seven Daughters Early Medieval Ecclesiastical Site Innisheer Galway.
• Kilcornan Deserted Medieval Village Kilcornan Galway.
• Arkin's Castle Killeany Galway.
• Temple Benen Church Killeany Galway.
• Turmartin Tower Watch Tower Killeany Galway.
• Killeany Leacht Cuimhne Killeany Galway.
• Tighlagh Eany Church Killeany Galway.
• Killeany Clocháns Killeany Galway.
• St. Eany's Early Medieval Ecclesiastical Site Killeany Galway.
• Doocaher Promontory Fort Killeany Galway.
• Kilmacduagh Churches & Round Tower Kilmacduagh Galway.
• Temple MacDuagh Church Kilmurvy Galway.
• Templenaneeve Church Kilmurvy Galway.
• Dun Aengus Promontory Fort Kilmurvy Galway.
• Clochán na Carraige Clochán Kilmurvy Galway.
• Kiltiernan Church & Cashel Kiltiernan East Galway.
• Lacken Ringfort & Souterrain Lacken Galway.
• Lissard Two Ringforts & Souterrain Lissard Galway.
• Castlekirk Castle Lough Corrib Galway.
• Rathsoony Ringfort Masonbrook Galway.
• Rahannagragh Ringfort Masonbrook Galway.
• Merlinpark Castle Merlinpark Galway.
• Moanmore East Stone Circle Moanmore East Galway.
• St. Kieran's Early Medieval Ecclesiastical Site Oghil Galway.
• St. Soorney's Church & Enclosure Oghil Galway.
• Temple an Cheathrair Aluinn Church & grave Oghil Galway.
• Oghill Cashel Oghil Galway.
• Killeany Clocháns Oghill Galway.
• Killeany Wedge Tomb Oghill Galway.
• Onaght Castle & house site Onaght Galway.
• Onaght Clocháns Onaght Galway.
• Kilcholan Church Church Onaght Galway.
• Onaght Cashel Onaght Galway.
• Templebrecan Early Medieval Ecclesiastical Site Onaght Galway.
• Killursa Church Ower Galway.
• Pallas Castle Pallas Galway.
• Kilbennen Church & Round Tower Pollacorragune Galway.
• Portumna Abbey Friary (Dominican) Portumna Demesne Galway.
• Portumna Castle Portumna Demesne Galway.
• Roscam Early Medieval Ecclesiastical Site Roscam Galway.
• Ross Errily Abbey Friary (Franciscan) Ross Galway.
• St. MacDara's Island Early Medieval Ecclesiastical Site St. MacDara's Island Galway.
• Tonaroasty Deserted Medieval Village Tonaroasty Galway.
• Pearse's Cottage House with historic associations Turlough Galway.
• Turoe Sculptured Stone Turoe Galway.


County Kerry (Province of Munster)

Archeological monuments in County Kerry of historical, architectural or artistic interest include:

• Annagh Church Annagh Kerry.
• Ardcannaght Ogham Stones Ardcannaght Kerry.
• Ardfert Cathedral & 2 Churches Ardfert Kerry.
• Ardfert Abbey Friary (Franciscan) Ardfert Kerry.
• Arraglen Ogham Stone Arraglen (Corkaguiny By.) Kerry.
• Gallaunmore (Ballineetig) Standing stone Ballineetig Kerry.
• Ballinknockane Burial ground & possible church Ballinknockane Kerry.
• Ballinknockane Hut sites Ballinknockane, Kerry.
• Ballinskelligs Abbey Priory (Augustinian) Ballinskelligs Kerry.
• Ballintaggart Ogham Stones Ballintaggart Kerry.
• Ballybowler North Ogham Stone Ballybowler North Kerry.
• Ballymalis Castle Ballymalis Kerry.
• Teampull Geal Early Medieval Ecclesiastical Site & ogham stone Ballymorereagh Kerry.
• Ballynavenooragh Stone fort, huts & souterrain Ballynavenooragh Kerry.
• Cashel & Ogham Stone Ballywiheen Kerry.
• Ballywiheen Early Medieval Ecclesiastical Site Ballywiheen Kerry.
• Beenbane Calluragh, hut sites, cross slab, cross, standing stones, Beenbane Kerry.
• Beginish Stone-built house Beginish Kerry.
• Caherconree Promontory Fort (Inland) Beheenagh Kerry.
• Caherdorgan North Cashel Caherdorgan North Kerry.
• The Chancellor's House (Caherdorgan North) Building - medieval Caherdorgan North Kerry.
• Callanafersy Ringfort Callanafersy West Kerry.
• Carrigafoyle Castle Carrigafoyle Kerry.
• Church Island (Valentia Harbour) Early Medieval Ecclesiastical Site, Kerry.
• Church Island (Lough Currane) Early Medieval Ecclesiastical Site, Kerry.
• Cloghanecarhan Ringfort & Ogham Stone Cloghanecarhan Kerry.
• Dunloe Ogham Stones Coolmagort Kerry.
• Darrynane Beg Ogham Stone Darrynane Beg Kerry.
• Doonmore Promontory Fort Doonsheane Kerry.
• Emlagh East Ogham Stone Emlagh East Kerry.
• Emlagh East Cashel Emlagh East Kerry.
• Dunbeg Promontory Fort Fahan Kerry.
• Gallarus Castle Gallarus Kerry.
• Gallarus Oratory Early Medieval Ecclesiastical Site Gallarus Kerry.
• Garfinny Cemetery Garfinny Kerry.
• Garfinny Bridge Garfinny & Flemingstown, Kerry.
• Cathair Sayer Clochán Glanfahan Kerry.
• Cathair Martín Cashel Glanfahan Kerry.
• Cathair Murphy Cashel Glanfahan Kerry.
• Cathair Síleoid Clochán Glanfahan Kerry.
• Cathair Conor Cashel Glanfahan Kerry.
• Glin North Clochán & stone fort Glin North Kerry.
• Glin North Cashel Glin North Kerry.
• Rínn an Chaisleáin Church site Great Blasket Island Kerry.
• Skellig Michael Early Medieval Ecclesiastical Site Great Skellig Kerry.
• Illauntannig Early Medieval Ecclesiastical Site Illauntannig (Maharee Islands) Kerry.
• Inishtooskert Early Medieval Ecclesiastical Site Inishtooskert Kerry.
• Inishvickillane Early Medieval Ecclesiastical Site Inishvickillane Kerry.
• Innisfallen Church, Oratory & Abbey (Benedictine) Innisfallen Kerry.
• Kilcoolaght East Ogham Stones Kilcoolaght East Kerry.
• Killelton Church Killelton Kerry.
• Kilmalkedar Early Medieval Ecclesiastical Site Kilmalkedar Kerry.
• Keelers' Stone (Kilmalkedar) Bullaun Stone Kilmalkedar Kerry.
• St. Brendan's Oratory (Kilmalkedar) Church Kilmalkedar Kerry.
• Cahergall Cashel Kimego West Kerry.
• Leacanabuaile Cashel Kimego West Kerry.
• Lislaughtin Abbey Friary (Franciscan) Lislaughtin Kerry.
• Listowel Castle Listowel Kerry.
• Loher Cashel Loher Kerry.
• Maumanorig (Kilcolman) Early Medieval Ecclesiastical Site Maumanorig Kerry.
• Muckross Abbey Friary (Franciscan) Muckross Kerry.
• Aghadoe Early Medieval Ecclesiastical Site Parkavonear Kerry.
• Parkavonear Castle Parkavonear Kerry.
• Illaunloughan Early Medieval Ecclesiastical Site Portmagee Kerry.
• Rahinnane Castle, Ringfort and Souterrain Rahinnane Kerry.
• Ratass Church & Ogham Stone Ratass Kerry.
• Rattoo Early Medieval Ecclesiastical Site Rattoo Kerry.
• Reask Early Medieval Ecclesiastical Site Reask Kerry.
• Reenconnell Early Medieval Ecclesiastical Site Reenconnell Kerry.
• Ross Castle Ross Island Kerry.
• Dún an Óir Promontory Fort Smerwick Kerry.
• Staigue Cashel Staigue Kerry.
• Tonaknock (Kilahan) Cross Tonaknock Kerry.
• Tullygarran Two Ogham Stones Tullygarran Kerry.

County Kildare (Province of Leinster)

Archeological monuments in County Kildare of historical, architectural or artistic interest include:

• Connolly Folly Folly/Obelisk Barrogstown West Kildare.
• Castledermot Round Tower & Crosses Castledermot Kildare.
• Castledermot Abbey Friary (Franciscan) Castledermot Kildare.
• Furness Church Forenaghts Great Kildare.
• Grange Castle Grange West Kildare.
• Jigginstown House - 16th/17th Century Jigginstown Kildare.
• Kilteel Castle & Cross Kilteel Upper Kildare.
• Maynooth Castle Maynooth Kildare.
• Moone High Cross Moone Kildare.
• Mullaghreelan Ringfort Mullaghreelan Kildare.
• Old Kilcullen Church, Round Tower & Crosses Old Kilcullen Kildare.
• Oughterard Round Tower & Church Oughterard Kildare.
• Punchestown Great Standing Stone Punchestown Great Kildare.
• Rathcoffey Castle gatehouse Rathcoffey Demesne Kildare.
• St. John's (Castledermot) Tower Skenagun Kildare.
• Taghadoe Round Tower & Church Taghadoe Kildare.


County Kilkenny (Province of Leinster)

Archeological monuments in County Kilkenny of historical, architectural or artistic interest include:

• Aghaviller Church & Round Tower Aghaviller Kilkenny.
• Ballyboodan Ogham Stone Ballyboodan Kilkenny.
• Ballylarkin Church Ballylarkin Upper Kilkenny.
• Callan Abbey Friary (Augustinian) Callan North Kilkenny.
• Callan Church Callan South Kilkenny.
• Kilkieran High Crosses Castletown Kilkenny.
• Clara Castle Clara Upper Kilkenny.
• Clonamery Church Clonamery Kilkenny.
• Coolhill Castle Coolhill Kilkenny.
• Burnchurch Castle & Tower Farmley Kilkenny.
• Magdalan Castle Gardens Kilkenny.
• St John's Abbey, Priory (Augustinian) Kilkenny.
• Kells Motte & Bailey Garrynamann Lower Kilkenny.
• Gowran Church Gowran Kilkenny.
• Graiguenamanagh Abbey (Duiske) Abbey (Cistercian) Graiguenamanagh Kilkenny.
• Grangefertagh Round Tower & Church Grangefertagh Kilkenny.
• Granny Castle Granny Kilkenny.
• Jerpoint Abbey Abbey (Cistercian) Jerpoint Abbey Kilkenny.
• Kilfane Church Kilfane Demesne Kilkenny.
• Killamery High Cross Killamery Kilkenny.
• Kilmogue (Leacán Scoil) Portal Tomb Kilmogue, Harristown Kilkenny.
• Kilree Church, Round Tower & Cross Kilree Kilkenny.
• Knockroe Passage Tomb Knockroe Kilkenny.
• Dunmore Cave Cave Mohil Kilkenny.
• Kells Priory Priory (Augustinian) Rathduff Kilkenny.
• Rathealy Ringfort Rathealy Kilkenny.
• Sheepstown Church Sheepstown Kilkenny.
• St. Francis Abbey Friary (Franciscan) St. Mary's Parish Kilkenny.
• Thomastown Church Thomastown Kilkenny.
• Tullaherin Round Tower Tullaherin Kilkenny.
• Tullaroan Church Tullaroan Kilkenny.
• Ullard Church Ullard Kilkenny.
• Callan Motte Westcourt Demesne Kilkenny.

County Laois (Province of Leinster)

Archeological monuments in County Laois low of historical, architectural or artistic interest include:

• Aghnahilly Ringfort Aghnahilly Laois.
• Coorlaghan Ringfort Coorlaghan Laois.
• Dunamase Castle Dunamase Laois.
• Errill Church & Cross Errill, Ballagharahin Laois.
• Fossy Church Fossy Lower Laois.
• Killeshin Church Killeshin Laois.
• Sleaty Church & Crosses Sleaty Laois.
• Timahoe Church & Round Tower Timahoe Laois.

County Leitrim (Province of Connacht)

Archeological monuments in County Leitrim of historical, architectural or artistic interest include:

• Aghaderrard West Court Tomb Aghaderrard West Leitrim.
• Fenagh Churches Commons Leitrim.
• Corracloona Megalithic Tomb Corracloona Leitrim.
• Creevelea Abbey Friary (Franciscan) Creevelea Leitrim.
• Park's Castle Kilmore Leitrim.
• Seán Mac Diarmada's House House with historical associations Laghty Barr Leitrim.
• Worm Ditch or Black Pigs Race Linear Earthwork Lattone, Gortnaderrary, Leitrim.

County Limerick (Province of Munster)

Archeological monuments in County Limerick of historical, architectural or artistic interest include:

• Kilmallock Abbey Friary (Dominican) Abbeyfarm Limerick.
• Desmond Castle (Adare) Castle Adare Limerick.
• Askeaton Castle Aghalacka, Limerick.
• Ballylanders Ringfort Ballylanders Limerick.
• Lough Gur Enclosure Ballynagallagh Limerick.
• Lough Gur Megalithic Tomb unclassified Ballynagallagh Limerick.
• Mungret Churches Three Churches Ballynash Limerick.
• Hospital Church Church (Knights Hospitallers) Barrysfarm Limerick.
• Disert Oenghusa (Carrigeen) Early Medieval Ecclesiastical Site Carrigeen Limerick.
• Desmond Hall & Great Hall Medieval Castle Complex Castle Demesne (Newcastlewest) Limerick.
• Clonkeen Church Clonkeen-Barrington Limerick.
• Killeen Cowpark Church Cowpark Limerick.
• Cush Earthworks Cush Limerick.
• Duntryleague (Deerpark) Passage Tomb Deerpark Limerick.
• Rathard (Garryheakin) Ringfort Garryheakin Limerick.
• Killulta Church Church Glennameade Limerick.
• Glenquin Castle Glenquin Limerick.
• Lough Gur Stone Circle (potential) Grange Limerick.
• Lough Gur Standing Stone Grange Limerick.
• Lough Gur Stone Circle Grange Limerick.
• Grange Stone Circle (Lough Gur) Embanked Stone Circle Grange Limerick.
• The Spectacles (Lough Gur) House sites & field system Grange Limerick.
• Crock Island (Lough Gur) Crannóg Grange Limerick.
• Lough Gur Megalithic Structure Grange Limerick.
• Lough Gur Stone Circle Grange Limerick.
• Kilmallock Medieval House Killmallock Limerick.
• Collegiate Church of SS Peter & Paul Church Killmallock Town Limerick.
• King's Castle/John's Gate, Kilmallock, Castle Kilmallock Limerick.
• Kilmihill Ringfort Kilmihill Limerick.
• Lough Gur Cemetery Cairn Knockfennell Limerick.
• Lough Gur Stone Circle Knockfennell Limerick.
• Lough Gur Ringfort Knockfennell Limerick.
• De Valera's Cottage House with historic associations Knockmore Limerick.
• Killaliathan Church Church Lacka Lower Limerick.
• Kilrush Church Church Limerick City Limerick.
• King John's Castle Limerick City Limerick.
• Fanning's Castle Limerick City Limerick.
• Lough Gur Standing Stone Lough Gur Limerick.
• Lough Gur Prehistoric House Site Lough Gur Limerick.
• Lough Gur Stone Circle, Lough Gur Limerick.
• Askeaton Abbey Friary (Franciscan) Moig South Limerick.
• Monasteranenagh Abbey Abbey (Cistercian) Monaster South Limerick.
• Ardagh Ringfort Reerasta South Limerick.


County Longford (Province of Leinster)

Archeological monuments in County Longford of historical, architectural or artistic interest include:

• Aghaward Ringfort Aghaward Longford.
• Corlea Timber Trackway Cloonbreany Longford.
• Inchcleraun Early Medieval Ecclesiastical Site Inchcleraun Longford.
• Larkfield Ringfort Larkfield Longford.
• Granard Motte & Bailey Moatfield Longford.
• Sonnagh Ringfort Sonnagh Longford.

County Louth (Province of Leinster)

Archeological monuments in County Louth of historical, architectural or artistic interest include:

• Aghnaskeagh Two Cairns Aghnaskeagh Louth.
• Athclare Castle Athclare Louth.
• Mansfieldstown Church Bawn Louth.
• Carlingford Castle Carlingford Louth.
• The Mint (Carlingford) Urban Tower House Carlingford
• Dun Dealgan Motte Castletown Louth.
• Donaghmore Souterrain Donaghmore Louth.
• St. Laurence's Gate (Drogheda) Town Gate Drogheda Louth.
• Dromiskin Church & Round Tower Dromiskin Louth.
• Greenmount Motte Greenmount Louth.
• Carlingford Abbey Friary (Dominican) Liberties Louth.
• Lisnaran Fort Ringfort Linns Louth.
• Mellifont Abbey Abbey (Cistercian) Mellifont Louth.
• Monasterboice High crosses, churches & round tower Monasterboice Louth.
• St. Mochta's House (Louth) Church Priorstate Louth.
• Proleek Portal Tomb & wedge Tomb Proleek Louth.
• Clochafarmore Standing Stone Rathiddy Louth.
• Ravensdale Park Cairn Ravensdale Park Louth.
• Castleroche Castle Roche Louth.
• Rockmarshall Court Tomb Rockmarshall Louth.
• Roodstown Castle Roodstown Louth.
• Termonfeckin Castle Termonfeckin Louth.
• Townleyhall Passage Tomb Townleyhall Louth.

County Mayo (Province of Connacht)

Archeological monuments in County Mayo of historical, architectural or artistic interest include:

• Moyne Abbey Friary (Franciscan) Abbeylands Mayo.
• Aghagower Round Tower & Church Aghagower Mayo.
• Aghalahard Castle Aghalahard Mayo.
• Balla Round Tower Balla Mayo.
• Ballina Portal Tomb Ballina Mayo.
• Ballintober Abbey Priory (Augustinian) Ballintober Mayo.
• Ballylahan Castle Ballylahan Mayo.
• Ballymacgibbon Cairn Ballymacgibbon North Mayo.
• Barnacahoge Cashel Barnacahoge Mayo.
• Boheh Rock Art Boheh Mayo.
• Breastagh Ogham Stone Breastagh Mayo.
• Caherduff Castle Caherduff Mayo.
• Carbad More Ringfort Carbad More Mayo.
• Eochy's Cairn Cairn Carn Mayo.
• Carrickkildavnet Castle Carrickkildavnet Mayo.
• Carrowcastle Wedge Tomb Carrowcastle Mayo.
• Carrowcrom Megalithic Tomb Carrowcrom Mayo.
• Carrowcrom Wedge Tomb Carrowcrom Mayo.
• Carrowcrom Cairn Carrowcrom Mayo.
• Carrowcrom Standing Stone Carrowcrom Mayo.
• Murrisk Abbey Friary (Augustinian) Carrowkeel Mayo.
• Burrishoole Abbey Friary (Dominican) Carrowkeel Mayo.
• Cashel Cairn Cashel Mayo.
• Burriscarra Abbey Friary (Carmelite) & Church Castlecarra Mayo.
• Castlecarra Castlecarra Mayo.
• Cong Priory (Augustinian) Cong South Mayo.
• Templenagalliaghdoo Church Errew Mayo.
• Errew Abbey Priory (Augustinian) Errew Mayo.
• St. Dairbhile's Church Church Fallmore Mayo.
• Glebe Stone Circles Glebe, Nymphstown, Tonaleeaun, Mayo.
• Granuaile's Castle (Clare Island) Castle Glen Mayo.
• Inishglora Early Medieval Ecclesiastical Site Inishglora Island Mayo.
• Inishkea North Island Early Medieval Ecclesiastical Sites Inishkea North, South Mayo.
• Inishmaine Abbey Priory (Augustinian) Inishmaine Mayo.
• Kilcashel Cashel Kilcashel Mayo.
• Kildermot Church Kildermot Mayo.
• Kildun Standing Stones Kildun Mayo.
• Kinlough Castle and church Kinlough Mayo.
• Lankill Standing Stone Lankill Mayo.
• Meelick Round Tower Meelick Mayo.
• The Gods of the Neale Monument Neale Park Mayo.
• Kelly's Cave Cave Nymphsfield Mayo.
• Bunnadober (Morans Mill) Mill Complex Rahard Mayo.
• Rathfran Abbey Friary (Dominican) Rathfran Mayo.
• Rathfran Stone circle, mound, ringfort, souterrain & enclosure, Rathfran Mayo.
• Rathfranpark Wedge Tomb Rathfranpark Mayo.
• Rockfleet Castle Rockfleet Mayo.
• Rosdoagh Stone Circle Rosdoagh Mayo.
• Rosserk Abbey Friary (Franciscan) Rosserk Mayo.
• Shrule Abbey Church Shrule Mayo.
• Strade Abbey Friary (Dominican) Strade Mayo.
• Clare Island Abbey Church (Cistercian) Strake Mayo.
• Killala Round Tower Townplots West Mayo.
• Turlough Church & Round Tower Turlough Mayo.


County Meath (Province of Leinster)

Archeological monuments in County Meath of historical, architectural or artistic interest include:

• Alexander Reid Barrow mound Alexander Reid Meath.
• Ardmulchan Passage Tomb Ardmulchan Meath.
• Ardmulchan Ringfort Ardmulchan Meath.
• Cannistown Church Ardsallagh Meath.
• Athcarne Castle Athcarne Meath.
• Athlumney Castle Athlumney Meath.
• The Yellow Steeple & Nangle Castle, Priory (Augustinian) & Castle Backfriary Meath.
• Balrath Cross Balrath Meath.
• Bective Abbey Abbey (Cistercian) Bective Meath.
• Sheep Gate Town Defences Blackfriary Meath.
• Calliaghstown Holy Well Calliaghstown Meath.
• Carrickdexter Cross Carrickdexter Meath.
• Hill of Tara Ritual & burial site, church & graveyard, Castleboy, Castletown Tara, Meath.
• Castlekeeran Crosses Castlekeeran Meath.
• St. Patrick's Church (Duleek) Church Commons Meath.
• Duleek Church & Crosses Commons Meath.
• Dowdall Cross (Duleek) Cross Commons Meath.
• Loughcrew Passage Tomb, Cairn/Standing Stone, Corstown, Newtown, Patrickstown, Meath.
• Cruicetown Church & Cross Cruicetown Meath.
• Danestown Ringfort/Ringwork Danestown Meath.
• Donaghmore Church & Round Tower Donaghmore Meath.
• Donore Castle Donore Meath.
• Dowth Mound, Standing Stone Dowth Meath.
• Dowth Passage Tomb Dowth Meath.
• Dunmoe Castle Dunmoe Meath.
• Dunsany Church Dunsany Meath.
• Dunshaughlin Church (Carved door lintel) Dunshaughlin Meath.
• Fourknocks Passage Tomb Fourknocks Meath.
• Gaulstown Barrow Gaulstown Meath.
• Killeen Church Killeen Meath.
Knowth Megalithic Tomb, Co Meath.
• Knowth Enclosure & Mound Knowth Meath.
• Loughbracken Mound Loughbrackan Meath.
• Trim Castle Manorland Meath.
• Mountfortescue Ringditch, Tumulus & Hillfort Mountfortescue Meath.
• Newgrange Passage Tomb Newgrange Meath.
• Newtown Trim Cathedral Newtown Meath.
• Ninch Barrow Ninch Meath.
• Rathmeave Ritual Enclosure (Henge) Odder, Belpere Meath.
• Rathmore Church, Cross & Base Rathmore Meath.
• Realtogue Ringfort Realtoge Meath.
• Athcarne (White Cross) Cross Reask Meath.
• Robertstown Castle Robertstown Meath.
• Robertstown Ringfort Robertstown Meath.
• Newtown Trim St. John's Priory Saint Johns Meath.
• Sarsfieldstown Cross Sarsfieldstown Meath.
• Skreen Church & Crosses Skreen Meath.
• Hill of Slane Church & College Slane, Slane Castle Demesne, Meath.
• St. Columb's House (Kells) Church Townparks Meath.
• Kells Round Tower & High Crosses Townparks Meath.
• Hill of Ward Earthworks Wardstown Meath.

County Monaghan (Province of Ulster)

Archeological monuments in County Monaghan of historical, architectural or artistic interest include:

• Clones Round Tower Crossmoyle Monaghan.
• Clones High Cross Crossmoyle Monaghan.
• Clones Church Crossmoyle Monaghan.
• Mannan Castle (Motte & Bailey) Donaghmoyne Monaghan.
• Inishkeen Glebe Round Tower Inishkeen Glebe Monaghan.
• Mullyash Cairn Mullyash, Tavanaskea, Monaghan.
• Cairnbaine Court Tomb Tiredigan Monaghan.

County Offaly (Province of Leinster)

Archeological monuments in County Offaly of historical, architectural or artistic interest include:

• Cadamstown Bridge Cadamstown Offaly.
• Cannakill Deserted Medieval Village Cannakill Offaly.
• Kinnity Cross High cross & medieval wall Castletown and Glinsk Offaly.
• Seirkieran Early Medieval Ecclesiastical Site Churchland & Clonmore Offaly.
• Clonfinlough Rock Art Clonfinlough Offaly.
• Clonin Earthworks Clonin Offaly.
• Clonmacnoise Early Medieval Ecclesiastical Site Clonmacnoise Offaly.
• Durrow Cross, Church, graveslabs & motte Durrow Demesne Offaly.
• Gallen Abbey Church & Slabs Gallen Offaly.
• Rahan Churches Rahan Demesne Offaly.

County Roscommon (Province of Connacht)

Archeological monuments in County Roscommon of historical, architectural or artistic interest include:

• Altore Wedge Tomb Altore Roscommon.
• Ardcarn Mound & Ringfort Ardcarn Roscommon.
• Castle Naghten Motte and Bailey Ballycreggan Roscommon.
• Roscommon Abbey Friary (Dominican) Ballypheasan Roscommon.
• Carnagh West Ringfort Carnagh West Roscommon.
• Rathcroghan Archaeological Complex Carrowgobbadagh, Glenballythomas, Toberrory, Roscommon.
• McDermott's Castle Castle Island (Lough Key) Roscommon.
• Castlestrange Sculptured Stone Castlestrange Roscommon.
• Inchmacnerin Abbey Priory (Augustinian) Church Island (Lough Key) Roscommon.
• Roscommon Castle Cloonbrackna Roscommon.
• Cloonshanville High Cross Cloonshanville Roscommon.
• Drummin Ringfort & Ogham Stones Drummin Roscommon.
• Emlagh Cross Emlagh Roscommon.
• Boyle Abbey Abbey (Cistercian) Knocknashee Roscommon.
• Trinity Abbey (Premonstratensian) Trinity Island (Lough Key) Roscommon.


County Sligo (Province of Connacht)

Archeological monuments in County Sligo of historical, architectural or artistic interest include:

• Ballinafad Castle Ballinafad Sligo.
• Castlebaldwin Castle Bellanagarrigeeny or Castlebaldwin Sligo.
• Cabragh Wedge Tomb Cabragh Sligo.
• Carns Cairn Carns Sligo.
• Carricknagat Megalithic Tombs Carricknagat Sligo.
• Carrowkeel Passage Tomb Doonaveeragh, Treanscrabbagh, Sligo.
• Carrowmore Passage Tomb, Stone Circle, Ringfort, Megalithic structure, Tobernaveen, Sligo.
• Ballymote Castle Carrownanty Sligo.
• Carrowreagh Court Tomb Carrowreagh Sligo.
• Castleore Cashel Castleore Sligo.
• Church Island Church Church Island (Lough Gill) Sligo.
• Cashelmore Cashel Clogher Sligo.
• Creevykeel Court Tomb Creevykeel Sligo.
• Cummeen Court Cairns Cummeen Sligo.
• Drumcliffe High Crosses & Round Tower Drumcliffe South Sligo.
• Gortlownan Motte Gortlownan Sligo.
• Gortnaleck Court Tomb Gortnaleck Sligo.
• Heapstown Cairn Heapstown Sligo.
• Inishmurray Island Early Medieval Ecclesiastical Site Inishmurray Island Sligo.
• Knocknarea Passage tombs & Cairns Knocknarea South Sligo.
• Queen Meave's Tomb (Knocknarea) Cairn Knocknarea South Sligo.
• Moytirra East Court Tomb Moytirra East Sligo.
• Sligo Abbey Friary (Dominican) Sligo Town.

County Tipperay (Province of Munster)

Archeological monuments in County Tipperary of historical, architectural or artistic interest include:

• Rathcroghan Archaeological Complex Carrowgobbadagh, Castle Abbeville Tipperary North.
• Ardcrony Burial Mound Ardcrony Tipperary North.
• Ashleypark Burial Mound (Cist) Ashleypark Tipperary North.
• Ballynahow Castle Ballynahow Tipperary North.
• Timoney Hills Standing Stones Cullaun, Timenyhills, Timoney, Tipperary North.
• Holycross Cistercian Abbey Tipperary North.
• Liathmore Two Churches Leigh Tipperary North.
• Lismacrory Mounds Lismacrory Tipperary North.
• Lorrha Church & two crosses Lorrha Tipperary North.
• Lorrha Priory (Augustinian) Lorrha Tipperary North.
• Lorrha Friary (Dominican) Lorrha Tipperary North.
• Monaincha Church & Cross Monaincha Tipperary North.
• Nenagh Castle Nenagh North Tipperary North.
• Roscrea Friary Friary (Franciscan) Parkmore Tipperary North.
• Portland Church Portland Tipperary North.
• Terryglass Castle Terryglass Tipperary North.
• Roscrea Church, Round Tower, High Cross & Mill Tipperary North.
• Roscrea Castle Townparks Tipperary North.

• Ahenny High Crosses Ahenny Tipperary South.
• St. Berrihert's Kyle Crosses & Inscribed Slabs Ardane Tipperary South.
• Athassel Abbey Priory (Augustinian) Athasselabbey North Tipperary South.
• Ballycomisk Three Ringforts Ballycomisk Tipperary South.
• Ballynoran Church Ballynoran Tipperary South.
• Clonmel Mainguard Courthouse Burgagery - Lands West Tipperary South.
• Burncourt Castle or fortified house Burncourt Tipperary South.
• Cahir Abbey Priory (Augustinian) Caherabbey Upper Tipperary South.
• Rathanadav Ringfort Carron Tipperary South.
• Carron Ringfort Carron Tipperary South.
• Derryvella Early Medieval Ecclesiastical Site Derryvella Tipperary South.
• St. Dominick's Abbey Abbey (Dominican) Dominick's Abbey Tipperary South.
• Donaghmore Church Donaghmore Tipperary South.
• The Warhouse, Ballingarry House Farranrory Upper Tipperary South.
• Grallagh Castle & Bawn Grallagh Tipperary South.
• Hore Abbey Abbey (Cistercian) Tipperary South.
• Kilcash Church & graveyard Kilcash Tipperary South.
• Kilcash Castle Kilcash Tipperary South.
• Swiss Cottage Cottage Ornée Kilcommon More Tipperary South.
• Kilcooly Abbey Abbey (Cistercian) Kilcoolyabbey Tipperary South.
• Knockgraffon Motte & Bailey Knockgraffon Tipperary South.
• Longstone Standing Stone & prehistoric earthworks Longstone Tipperary South.
• Derrynaflan Church & Early Medieval Ecclesiastical site Lurgoe Tipperary South.
• Moor Abbey Friary (Franciscan) Moorabbey Tipperary South.
• Shrough Passage Tomb Shrough Tipperary South.
• The Rock of Cashel Ecclesiastical site St. Patricksrock Tipperary South.
• Toureen Peakaun Church, Crosses & Slabs Toureen Tipperary South.
• Cahir Castle Cottage Cahir Castle Cottage Townparks Tipperary South.
• Carrick-on-Suir Castle Townparks Tipperary South.
• Cahir Castle Townparks Tipperary South.

County Waterford (Province of Munster)

Archeological monuments in County Waterford of historical, architectural or artistic interest include:

• Ardmore Cathedral, Round Tower & Oratory Ardocheasty Waterford.
• Ballynageeragh Portal Tomb Ballynageeragh Waterford.
• Kiltera Ogham Stones Dromore Waterford.
• Drumlohan Souterrain & Ogham Stones Drumlohan Waterford.
• Dungarvan Castle Dungarvan Waterford.
• Gaulstown Portal Tomb Gaulstown Waterford.
• Knockeen Portal Tomb Knockeen Waterford.
• Matthewstown Passage Tomb Matthewstown Waterford.
• Mothel Abbey Priory (Augustinian) Mothel Waterford.
• Double Tower Town Defences Waterford City.
• Reginald's Tower Town Defences Waterford City.
• The French Church (Waterford) Friary Church (Franciscan) Waterford City.


County Westmeath (Province of Leinster)

Archeological monuments in County Westmeath of historical, architectural or artistic interest include:

• Athlone Castle Athlone South Westmeath.
• Delvin Castle Castletowndelvin Westmeath.
• Dunnamona Motte Dunnamona Westmeath.
• Mortimer's Castle Faughalstown Westmeath.
• Fore Town gates Fore Westmeath.
• Fore Abbey (Benedictine) & hermitage Fore Westmeath.
• Taghmon Church Glebe Westmeath.
• Inchbofin Early Medieval Ecclesiastical Site Inchbofin Westmeath.
• Ushnagh Hill, Catstone Ringfort, Barrow & Stone Kellybrook Westmeath.
• Portlick Motte Portlick Westmeath.
• Raherney Ringfort Raherney Westmeath.
• Bealin Cross High Cross Twyford Westmeath.
• Wattstown Two Barrows Wattstown Westmeath.

County Wexford (Province of Leinster)

Archeological monuments in County Wexford of historical, architectural or artistic interest include:

• Ballyhack Castle Ballyhack Wexford.
• Ballymoty Motte Ballymoty More Wexford.
• Ferns Castle Ferns Castleland Wexford.
• Clone Church Clone Wexford.
• Coolhull Castle Fortified House Coolhull Wexford.
• Dunbrody Abbey Abbey (Cistercian) Dunbrody Wexford.
• Duncannon Artillery Fort Duncannon Wexford.
• Tacumshane Windmill Fence Wexford.
• Ferns (St. Peters) Church Ferns Upper Wexford.
• Ferns Abbey Priory (Augustinian) Ferns Upper Wexford.
• St. Mary's Church Church New Ross Wexford.
• Rathmackee Castle Rathmackee Great Wexford.
• Rathumney Castle Rathumney Wexford.
• Slade Castle Slade Wexford.
• Vinegar Hill Windmill Templeshannon Wexford.
• Tintern Abbey Abbey (Cistercian), Church & bridge Tintern Wexford.
• St. Selsker's Priory Church (Augustinian) Wexford Town Wexford.

County Wicklow (Province of Leinster)

Archeological monuments in County Wicklow of historical, architectural or artistic interest include:

• Aghowle Church & Cross Aghowle Lower Wicklow.
• Piper's Stones Stone Circle Athgreany Wicklow.
• Baltinglass Abbey Abbey (Cistercian) Baltinglass East Wicklow.
• Crossoona Rath Ringfort & Ogham Stone Boleycarrigeen Wicklow.
• Glendalough Cathedral, Round Tower, Priory (Augustinian), Crosses, Brockagh, Wicklow.
• St. Mark's Cross High Cross Burgage More (Blessington) Wicklow.
• Castleruddery Motte Castleruddery Lower Wicklow.
• Castleruddery Stone Circle Castleruddery Lower Wicklow.
• Castletimon Ogham Stone Castletimon Wicklow.
• Rathturtle Ringfort Deerpark Wicklow.
• Dwyer-McAlister Cottage House with historical associations Derrynamuck Wicklow.
• Fassaroe Cross Fassaroe Wicklow.
• Kilcoole Church Kilcoole Wicklow.
• Kilcroney Church Kilcroney Wicklow.
• Kindlestown Castle Kindlestown Upper Wicklow.
• Lemonstown Motte Lemonstown Wicklow.
• Moylisha Wedge Tomb Moylisha Wicklow.
• Raheenachluig (Bray) Church Newcourt Wicklow.
• Baltinglass Hill Passage Tomb & Hillfort Pinnacle, Coolinarrig Upper, Wicklow.
• Rathgall Hill Fort Rath East Wicklow.
• Seefin Passage Tomb Scurlocksleap Wicklow.
• Threecastles Castle Threecastles Wicklow.
• Tornant Lower Ringfort & Barrows Tornant Lower Wicklow.
• Downsmill Church Woodlands Wicklow.

Northern Ireland

County Antrim (Province of Ulster)

Archeological, architectural and historical monuments in County Antrim include:

• Antrim Round Tower
• Ballylumford Dolmen
• Ballymacaldrack 'Dooey's Cairn' Court-Tomb
• Ballywee Early Christian Settlement
• Bonamargy Franciscan Friary
• Carrickfergus Catle, Town Walls and St Nicholas's Church
• Craigs The Broad Stone and Dolmen
• Cranfield Church
• Dalway's Bawn
• Dunluce Castle
• Harryville Motte and Bailey
• Kinbane Castle
• Layd Church
• Lissue Rath (Circular Enclosure, c.1000 CE)
• Lubitavish 'Ossian's Grave' Court-Tomb
• Olderfleet Castle
• Spring Farm Ringfort


County Armagh (Province of Ulster)

Archeological, architectural and historical monuments in County Armagh include:

• Annaghmare Court-Tomb
• Armagh Cathedral
• Armagh Franciscan Friary
• Ballykeel Dolmen and Cairn
• Ballymacdermot Court-Tomb
• Clonlum South Cairn
• Clontygora Court-Tomb
• Eglish High-Cross-Heads
• Killevy Churches
• Kilnasaggart Inscribed Pillar
• Moyry Castle
• Navan Fort (Emain Macha, Seat of the Ancient Kings of Ulster)
• Slieve Gullion South and North Cairns
• Tynan High Cross

County Derry (Province of Ulster)

Archeological, architectural and historical monuments in County Derry include:

• Ballybriest Court and Wedge Tomb
• Ballygroll Prehistoric Monument Complex
• Ballynascreen Church
• Banagher Church, 'Mortuary House' and 'Residence'
• Bellaghy Bawn
• Bovevagh Church and 'Mortuary House'
• Brackfield Bawn
• Derry City Walls (1613-18)
• Dungiven Priory Church and House
• Knockoneill Court-Tomb
• Magilligan Martello Tower
• Maghera Church
• Mill Loughan Motte
• Mount Sandel Fort and Mesolithic Site
• Tirnony Portal-Tomb

County Down (Province of Ulster)

Archeological, architectural and historical monuments in County Down include:

• Annadorn Megalith
• Ardglass Jordan's and Cowd Castle
• Ardtole Church
• Audley's Castle Tower House
• Audleystown Dual Court-Tomb
• Ballynahatty The Giant's Ring
• Ballynoe Mound and Stone Circle
• Clough Motte and Castle
• Downpatrick Cathedral, Museum and Mound
• Dromore High-Cross
• Drumena Cashel and Souterrain
• Dundrum Castle
• Goward Dolmen
• Greencastle Castle
• Grey Abbey (Cistercian Abbey)
• Hillsborough Fort
• Inch Cistercian Abbey
• Kilclief Tower-House
• Kilfeaghan Dolmen
• Legnanny Dolmen
• Loughinisland Churches
• Maghera Church and Round Tower
• Millin Bay Cairn
• Movilla Abbey (St Finnian 579 CE)
• Narrow Water Castle
• Nendrum Monastic Site
• Newtownards Priory
• Portaferry Castle
• Quoile Castle
• Raholp Church
• Sketrick Castle
• Strangford Castle
• Struell Wells


County Fermanagh (Province of Ulster)

Archeological, architectural and historical monuments in County Fermanagh include:

• Aghalurcher Church
• Aghanaglack Dual Court-Tomb
• Boa Island Stone Figures
• Boho High Cross
• Devenish Monastic Site
• Drumskinny Stone Circle and Alignment
• Enniskillen Castle
• Monea Plantation Castle
• Tully Plantation Castle
• White Island Church and Stone Figures

County Tyrone (Province of Ulster)

Archeological, architectural and historical monuments in County Tyrone include:

• Ardboe Cross and Abbey
• Ballywholan Carnfadraig and Carnagat Portal-Tomb/Court-Tomb
• Beaghmore Stone Circles, Cairns
• Benburb Castle
• Castle Caulfield Plantation Castle
• Clogher Hill-Fort and Cathedral
• Cregganconroe Court-Tomb
• Creggandeveskey Court-Tomb
• Derryloran Church
• Donaghmore High Cross
• Errigal Keerogue Cross and Church
• Harry Avery's Castle
• Knockmany Passage-Tomb
• Mountjoy Castle
• Roughan Castle
• Tullaghoge Fort

Early Christian Monastic Settlements

The early Christian Church in Ireland played a hugely important role in the maintenance of European culture and heritage during the Dark Ages (c.400-800 CE) and early Medieval period (c.800-1200) of history. Key cultural developments during this time included the glorious calligraphic art of the illuminated manuscripts, such as the Book of Kells and Book of Durrow, as well as the series of freestanding religious sculptures known as the ringed High Crosses, or Celtic High Crosses. The Church was the No 1 patron of the arts throughout this period and was instrumental in keeping alive many Celtic and Irish traditions in the visual arts.

Augustinian Monasteries in Ireland

The list of Augustinian abbeys in the Republic of Ireland includes:

• Adare Friary (Co Limerick)
• Athassel Priory (Co Tipperary)
• Ballybeg Priory (Co Cork)
• Bridgetown Abbey (Co Cork)
• Callan Augustinian Friary (Co Kilkenny)
• Canon Island Abbey (Co Clare)
• Clare Abbey (Co Clare)
• Cong Abbey (Co Mayo)
• Grace Dieu Abbey (Co Dublin)
• Great Connell Priory (Co Kildare)
• Killone Abbey (Co Clare)
• Molana Abbey (Co Waterford)
• Red Abbey, Cork (Co Cork)
• St. Katherine's Abbey, Monisternagalliaghduff (Co Limerick)

Benedictine Monasteries in Ireland

The list of Benedictine abbeys in the Republic of Ireland includes:

• Fore Abbey (Co Westmeath)
• Glenstal Abbey (Co Limerick)
• Hore Abbey (Co Tipperary)
• Youghal Priory (Co Cork)

Cistercian Monasteries in Ireland

The list of Cistercian abbeys in the Republic of Ireland includes:

• Abbeydorney Abbey (Co Kerry)
• Bective Abbey (Co Meath)
• Boyle Abbey (Co Roscommon)
• Corcomroe Abbey (Co Clare)
• Duiske Abbey (Co Kilkenny)
• Dunbrody Abbey (Co Wexford)
• Holy Cross Abbey (Co Tipperary)
• Hore Abbey (Co Tipperary)
• Inislounaght Abbey (Co Tipperary)
• Jerpoint Abbey (Co Kilkenny)
• Kilcooley Abbey (Co Kilkenny)
• Mellifont Abbey (Co Louth)
• Mount St. Joseph Abbey, Roscrea (Co Tipperary)
• St. Mary's Abbey, Dublin (Co Dublin)
• Tintern Abbey (Co Wexford)

Dominican Monasteries in Ireland

The list of Dominican abbeys in the Republic of Ireland includes:

• Burrishoole Friary (Co Mayo)
• Sligo Abbey (Co Sligo)
• Ballindoon Friary (Co Sligo)
• North Abbey, Youghal (Co Cork)

Franciscan Monasteries in Ireland

The list of Franciscan abbeys in the Republic of Ireland includes:

• Buttevant Franciscan Friary (Co Cork)
• Claregalway Friary (Co Galway)
• Kilcrea Friary (Co Cork)
• Moyne Abbey (Co Mayo)
• Muckross Abbey (Co Kerry)
• Multyfarnham Friary (Co Westmeath)
• Quin Abbey (Co Clare)
• Ross Errilly Friary (Co Galway)
• Rosserk Friary (Co Mayo)
• South Abbey, Youghal (Co Cork)
• Timoleague Friary (Co Cork)

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