Visual Arts in Tyrone
Cultural History, Famous Painters/Sculptors and Art Venues (like Dungannon Community Arts Studio).

County Tyrone, Ulster Province.

Note: For a brief guide to Celtic culture
including the early metalworks of the
Celts, see: Celtic Art. For information
about the two earliest styles, which
influenced so many Irish craftsmen
during the golden age of the early Christian era in Ireland, see: Hallstatt
(800-450) and La Tene (450-50 BCE)

Visual Arts in County Tyrone

The largest county of Northern Ireland in the province of Ulster, County Tyrone (Tír Eoghain) has a population of 166,516 and its capital is Omagh. Other towns include Cookstown, Dungannon and Strabane.

Early Visual Art

The oldest Irish art in Tyrone is probably the Celtic High Cross sculpture at Ardboe, Donaghmore. Although many of these medieval religious sculptures are weathered and uncared for, they are the only surviving examples of one of Ireland's foremost contributions to the history of Western Art between the sack of Rome (c.350) and the start of Renaissance art (c.1400). Thus they represent an important part of the culture of Ireland.


For a list of national sites of
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or artistic significance, see:
Architectural Monuments Ireland and
Archeological Monuments Ireland.

Famous Modern Painters and Sculptors

County Tyrone's most celebrated artists include: Oliver Sheppard (Irish Nationalist sculptor); Felim Egan, (Contemporary Abstract Artist); Roy Lyndsay, (Landscape and Figure Paintings); Clement McAleer, (Abstract Painter working in Acrylics); Denis Orme Shaw, (Contemporary Painter); Victor Sloan, (Lens-based Artist, Painter and Printmaker); Robert Ponsonby Staples, (Portrait, Genre and Landscape Painter).

Arts Venues

The main home of Dungannon & South Tyrone Borough Council's exciting arts program is Dungannon Community Arts Studio (028-8775-3626). The program includes a diverse range of art exhibitions and events (featuring all art media, such as drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, video and installation art, as well as creative writing, pottery, stained glass art, puppetry, animation, drama, storytelling and textiles), artist workshops, artists-in-residence schemes, educational and community arts activities, including a special Disability Arts scheme to enrich the quality of the life among those with disabilities through a participatory creative experience.

In the execution of this cultural program, Dungannon & South Tyrone Borough Council aims always to recruit local artists wherever possible for workshops or projects. The Council also funds a number of arts courses and classes including painting and pottery classes for both children and adults.



County Tyrone is home to several galleries and art spaces including:

Gallery One, Cookstown (028-867-65438)
Presents traditional and contemporary fine art by acclaimed European, UK and Irish artists. Its extensive collection includes Irish landscape painting and rural scenes painted in watercolours, acrylics, oils or mixed media, along with a range of exclusive Giclee prints, as well as a number of contemporary irish artworks. Gallery artists include: Linda Charles, Simon Bull, Hamilton Sloan, Derek Brown, Adam Barsby, Alex Jawdokimov, Saverio de Bello, Denis Ferguson, John O’Neill, George Gourley, Charlotte Atkinson, Alan Whitehead, Stan Johnston, John S Haggan, David Short.

Other County Tyrone art galleries include: Burnavon Arts Centre, Cookstown (02886-7679949); Cottage Gallery, Cookstown (02886-763616); Gormleys Art Gallery, Omagh (02882-247738); McKenna Gallery, 31 Castle Street, Omagh (02882-247105,; Strule Arts Centre, Omagh (02882-245321).

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