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Art Schools in Florence


A selection of the best art schools in Florence, the capital of Renaissance art, which offer annual courses, or tuition by semester, or summer school courses, in painting, sculpture, printmaking and other fine arts.

Accademia D'Arte
Accademia Italiana
The Florence Academy of Art
Institute Galilei
Lorenzo de Medici Art School
Studio Art Centers International

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The earliest Academy of Arts
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Accademia dell'Arte del Disegno:
See Academy of Art Florence.
The next was in Rome, see:
Academy of Art, Rome.
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during the late 15th century
see: Renaissance in Florence.

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Accademia D'Arte

The Accademia D'Arte (AD'A) offers a range of fine and decorative art courses aimed at non-academic students and those who may like to learn a new skill. The academy offers 4 week courses in painting, photography and Italian language. The sessions are scheduled so that visits to Florence’s museums, like the Uffizi Gallery, can be included. The academy will help foreign students arrange accommodation and extracurricular programs during their stay. Some courses can be taken intensively with 20 hours tuition per week (Monday to Friday from 3pm to 7pm), or as a semi-intensive course with 10 hours tuition (Monday to Friday from 3pm to 5pm or 5pm to 7pm) or as a basic course of 6 hours a week (3 times a week in the afternoon). Courses available are: painting and drawing; ancient painting techniques; contemporary painting techniques; fashion design; art history; sculpture; fresco painting; photography; Mosaic art; art history and visual arts.

Tuition Fee for Intensive 20 hour course: 2 weeks: €540 Euro / 3 weeks: €740 / 4 weeks: €890.

Contact Information
Address: Accademia D'Arte AD'A,
Via Pandolfini, 46r, 50122 Florence, Italy
Phone: +39 055 2466442
Website: www.accademiadarte.it



Accademia Italiana

Close to the Pitti Palace art museum, The Accademia Italiana combines a school of art, fashion and design. It was established in Florence in 1984. A studio art program can be attended for 2 years or one semester. A one month summer course is also available for people who do not require a qualification but simply seek the experience and tuition. The academy offers: interior & product design (BA), fashion design (BA), graphic design (BA); photography and new media (BA); textile and a 2 semester course in window dressing.

Tuition Fee: Once off enrollment fee: €1,250 plus €3,800 per semester or €7,000 per year.

Contact Information
Address: Accademia Italina,
Piazza Pitti 15, 50125 Florence, Italy
Phone: +39 055 284616
Email: study@ai-it.it
Website: www.accademiaitaliana.com

The Florence Academy of Art

Founded in 1991 by Daniel Graves, the Florence Academy of Art provides art instruction in classical drawing, painting and sculpture. Emphasis is placed on the Old Masters techniques of portraiture and landscape painting. The Academy of Art is not a degree-granting school, nor is it accredited. Entry however is quite competitive and requires students to send images of their work before acceptance. Courses on offer: Intensive Drawing Program, Full Time 1 Year Program (bargue, figure and cast drawing); Painting Program, Full Time Certificate for 2 years (cast & figure painting, still-life, portraiture and composition); and a Sculptural Program, 3 years including Ecorche Sculpture.

Tuition Fee: Check website.

Contact Information
Address: The Florence Academy of Art, Via delle Casine 21/R, 50122 Florence Italy
Phone: +39 055 245444
Email: info@florenceacademyofart.com
Website: www.florenceacademyofart.com


Institute Galilei

The Institute Galilei is a school of Italian language and culture in Florence. The institute offers drawing and painting courses in one-to-one and small groups (with 3-4 students). These courses are held by experienced artists directly in their studio. Instruction usually starts by preparing a drawing which is then transferred to canvas to be completed in oil, acrylic or watercolour. The artist guides the student towards a preferred technique and medium. Some courses involve students copying drawings by the Old Masters such as Leonardo da Vinci or Michelangelo. Others mix up the curriculum by learning sculpture or the use of mixed media like gold leaf. Courses run Monday, Wednesday and Friday (9-1pm), up to a total of 12 hours a week.

Tuition Fee: One to One (2 weeks): €1150, (3 weeks) €1550. Small Groups (2 weeks): €590, (3 weeks) €790.

Contact Information
Address: Istituto Galilei SaS,
Via degli Alfani 68, 50121 Florence, Italy
Phone: +39 055 294680
Email: info@galilei.it
Website: www.galilei.it

Lorenzo de Medici Art School

The Lorenzo de Medici Art School (LdM) has campuses in Florence, Rome and Tuscany and offers over 400 art related courses. The Florence school consists of 12 buildings which date back to the 13th century. It originated as the medieval church of San Jacopo in Campo Corbolini which was founded in 1206 and served the famous Knights of the Templar. The school offers summer programs, exchange semesters as well as degree programs, Master of Arts and certificate programs. Degree programs include: Fine Arts/Art history (BA); Fine Arts:/Studio Art (BFA); Fashion Design (BPS); Interior Design (BPS); Conservation Studies (BS); Digital Media (BS); Studio Art (BS); and Museum Studies (MA). Creative art courses on offer include painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, fine art mosaics, printmaking, art restoration, photography, film, video and mixed media. Other courses include pastel techniques, portraiture in oils, watercolour, gouache, Florence sketchbook, tempera, and mixed media.

Tuition Fee: An average one month course costs $1,750, a semester about $7,950 and a full year $15,550.

Contact Information
Address: LdM Admissions Office,
Via Faenza, 43, 50123 Florence, Italy
Phone: +39 055283142
Email: info@lorenzodemedici.it
For North American applicants: www.lorenzodemedici.org
Website: www.ldminstitute.com

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Studio Art Centers International

Studio Art Centers International (SACI) is an American non-profit university program offering courses for undergraduate and graduate students in Florence who are seeking accredited studio art, design and liberal arts tuition. Founded in 1975 by artist Jules Maidoff, SACI offers a wide range of courses from art history, studio art, crafts, design, art culture and conservation. Students have the opportunity to attend lectures by international and emerging artists, as well as classes on cooking Italian food. Courses are useful to students considering a career as art historians, conservators as well as in fine arts. Students can choose to spend a semester (fall/winter), a full academic year, or a shorter summer/spring semester. There are also non-credit summer courses of 2 or 4 weeks duration offered in the month of July. An example of courses on offer include painting, drawing, sculpture, lithography, mural conservation, fresco painting, etching, batik and book art.

Tuition Fee: 2 Week non-credit courses (inc. accommodation/sharing) are $2,310 and 4 weeks: $4,560.

Contact Information (Florence)
Address: SACI Florence, Palazzo dei Cartelloni,
Via Sant’Antonino, 11, 50123 Florence, Italy
Phone: +39 055-289948
Email: info@saci-florence.edu
Website: www.saci-florence.org

Contact Information (New York)
Address: SACI New York,
50 Broad Street, Suite 1617, New York, NY 10004-2372
Phone: 212-248-7225
Email: admissions@saci-florence.edu

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