French Baroque Artists
17th Century Painters, Sculptors, Architects, Printmakers, in France.

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Abduction of the Sabine Women
(1634-5) Metropolitan Museum, NY.
By Nicolas Poussin.

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French Baroque Artists (c.1600-1700)

The Baroque Movement

The grand, inspirational and populist style of Baroque art encompassed architecture, sculpture and painting, and was essentially driven by the Roman Catholic Church's revivalist agenda to enhance its image following the Protestant Revolt of the early 16th century. It was however based in Rome, which remained the European (and world) centre of art, thus countries like England, Germany and France were to some extent on the periphery of Baroque art theory and practice. For example, two of France's greatest Baroque painters the classicist Nicolas Poussin (1594–1665), and the Italianate landscape artist Claude Lorrain (1600–1682) opted to spend most of their working lives in Italy. Nevertheless, Baroque architecture remained a key element in helping to buttress the absolutism of reigning monarchs, like the French King Louis XIV, while both French sculptors and painters took up the Baroque style with no little enthusiasm.

Et in Arcadia Ego (1637)
Louvre, Paris.
By Nicolas Poussin.

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Baroque Architecture in France

Famous French Baroque architects include: Francois Mansart (1598-1666), designer of French townhouses and chateaux, whose name was given to the 'mansard roof'; his great-nephew Jules Hardouin Mansart (1646-1708), architect of the great dome of Les Invalides in Paris; and Louis Le Vau (1612-70), another renowned Baroque designer, responsible for the church of Saint-Sulpice in Paris and the Wings of the Louvre. Jules Mansart and Louis Le Vau were also the main architects of the Palace of Versailles, which was begun in 1623. For more about architectural design during the 17th century, see: Baroque Architecture.

Baroque Sculpture in France

Famous practitioners of Baroque sculpture in France include: Francois Girardon (1628-1715), who embodied the style of the Lebrun period from about 1652 to 1683, as exemplified in the Pluto and Proserpine in the gardens of Versailles; Antoine Coysevox (1640-1720), Girardon's main rival in the service of Louis XIV; Pierre Puget (1620-94), noted for his famous Milo of Crotona; and Guillaume Coustou (1677-1746), who continued the baroque trend of his uncle Coysevox. See also: Baroque Sculptors. For the influence of the Fontainebleau School on Baroque sculpture in france, see artists like: Benvenuto Cellini (1500-1571), Francesco Primaticcio (1504-1570) and Germain Pilon (1529-1590).



Baroque Painting in France

Famous exponents of Baroque-style French painting (aside from Nicolas Poussin and Claude Lorrain) include: Phillippe de Champaigne (1602-74) Louis XIII's favourite portraitist and religious painter; Gaspard Dughet (1615-75), Poussin's brother-in-law noted for his decorative landscapes; Georges de La Tour (1593-1652) famous for his peasant scenes and nocturnal pictures with dramatic chiaroscuro effects; and the Le Nain brothers - Antoine (1588-1648), Louis (1593-1648) and Mathieu (1607-77), painters of large-scale altar-pieces and allegorical works. For details of specific works, please see: Best Baroque Paintings. For the great portraiture, see: Baroque Portraits.

For the renaissance of interior design in France during the Baroque and rococo eras - notably the styles of Louis XIV, Regency, Louis XV and Louis XVI - see: French Decorative Art. For furnishings, please see: French Furniture (1640-1792). For artists and craftsmen, see: French Designers.

List of French Baroque Artists

Among the many masters of Baroque painting, sculpture and other visual arts in 17th century France, were the following:

Adam, Lambert-Sigisbert (1700-1759) Sculptor (Nancy)
Adam, Nicolas-Sébastien (1705-1778) Sculptor (Nancy)
Allegrain, Etienne (1644-1736) Painter (Paris)
Anguier, François (1604-1669) Sculptor
Anguier, Michel (c.1613-1686) Sculptor
Audran, Claude Iii (1658-1734) Painter (Paris)
Aved, Jacques-André-Joseph (1702-1766) Painter (Paris)
Aveline, Antoine (1691-1743) Graphic Artist (Paris)
Aveline, Pierre-Alexandre (1702-1760) Graphic Artist (Paris)
Bailly, Jacques I (c.1634-1679) Miniaturist (Paris)
Bailly, Jacques Ii (c.1700-1768) Painter (Paris)
Barbault, Jean (1718-1762) Painter (Rome)
Barra, Didier (1590-1644) Painter
Baugin, Lubin (c.1610-1663) Painter (Paris)
Beaubrun, Charles (1604-1692) Painter (Paris)
Belin De Fontenay, Jean-Baptiste (1653-1715) Painter (Paris)
Bellange, Jacques (1594-1638) Graphic Artist
Belle, Alexis-Simon (1674-1734) Painter (Paris)
Bertin, Nicolas (1668-1736) Painter (Paris)
Bertrand, Philippe (1663-1724) Sculptor
Bigot, Trophîme (c.1600-1650) Painter (Arles)
Blanchard, Jacques (1600-1638) Painter (Paris)
Blanchet, Thomas (1614-1689) Painter
Bosse, Abraham (1602-1676) Graphic Artist
Boulle, André-Charles (1642-1732) Cabinet-Maker (Paris)
Boullogne, Bon (1649-1717) Painter (Paris)
Boullogne, Louis The Younger (1654-1733) Painter (Paris)
Bourdon, Sébastien (1616-1671) Painter
Caffiéri, Jean-Jacques (1725-1792) Sculptor
Callot, Jacques (1592-1635) Graphic Artist
Cayot, Claude-Augustin (1677-1722) Sculptor (Paris)
Cecco Del Caravaggio (Active 1610s) Painter (Rome)
Champaigne, Philippe De (1602-1674) Painter
Chardin, Jean-Baptiste-Siméon (1699-1779) Painter
Chastillon, Claude (c.1560-1616) Graphic Artist
Chauveau, François (1613-1676) Graphic Artist (Paris)
Claude Lorrain (1600-1682) Painter (Rome)
Clève, Corneille Van (1646-1732) Sculptor (Paris)
Cochin, Charles-Nicolas I (1688-1754) Graphic Artist (Paris)
Cordier, Nicolas (1565-1612) Sculptor (Rome)
Corneille, Michel I (c.1601-1664) Painter (Paris)
Cotelle, Jean Ii (1642-1708) Painter
Courtois, Guillaume (1628-1679) Painter (Italy)
Courtois, Jacques (1621-1676) Painter (Rome)
Coustou, Guillaume I (1677-1746) Sculptor
Coustou, Nicolas (1658-1733) Sculptor
Coypel, Antoine (1661-1722) Painter
Coypel, Charles-Antoine (1694-1752) Painter
Coypel, Noel-Nicolas (1690-1734) Painter
Coysevox, Antoine (1640-1720) Sculptor
Dandré-Bardon, Michel-François (1700-1783) Painter
Daullé, Jean (1703-1763) Graphic Artist (Paris)
Deruet, Claude (1588-1662) Painter (Nancy)
Deshays, Jean-Baptiste (1729-1765) Painter (Paris)
Desportes, Alexandre-François (1661-1743) Painter
Dorigny, Louis (1654-1742) Painter (Italy)
Dorigny, Michel (1616-1665) Graphic Artist (Paris)
Doyen, Gabriel-François (1726-1806) Painter
Drevet, Pierre (1663-1738) Graphic Artist (Paris)
Drolling, Martin (1752-1817) Painter (Paris)
Drouais, François-Hubert (1727-1775) Painter
Dughet, Gaspard (1615-1675) Painter (Rome)
Dumonstier, Daniel (1574-1645) Painter (Paris)
Dumont, François (c.1687-1726) Sculptor
Dupérac, Etienne (c.1525-1601) Graphic Artist (Rome)
Dupuis, Nicolas-Gabriel (c.1698-1771) Sculptor (Paris)
Dupuys, Pierre (1610-1682) Painter
Duquesnoy, Francois (1597-1643) Sculptor (Rome)
Falconet, Etienne Maurice (1716-91) Sculptor (Paris)* also Rococo
Flamen, Anselme (1647-1717) Sculptor
François, Guy (1578/79-1650) Painter (Le Puy)
Frémin, René (1672-1744) Sculptor
Gabriel, Ange-Jacques (1698-1782) Architect (Paris)
Galloche, Louis (1670-1761) Painter (Paris)
Garnier, Louis (c.1639-1728) Sculptor (Paris)
Gaudreaus, Antoine-Robert (c.1682-1746) Cabinet-Maker (Paris)
Gautier-Dagoty, Jacques-Fabien (1716-1785) Graphic Artist
Gillot, Claude (1673-1722) Painter
Girardon, Francois (1628-1715) Sculptor
Gissey, Henri (1621-1673) Graphic Artist (Paris)
Gobert, Pierre (1662-1744) Painter (Paris)
Gobin, Michel (Active c.1681) Painter (Orléans)
Gontier, Linard (1565-c.1642) Glass Painter (Troyes)
Gravelot, Hubert-François (1699-1773) Graphic Artist
Grimou, Alexis (1678-1733) Painter (Paris)
Guillain, Simon (1581-1658) Sculptor
Houasse, René-Antoine (1645-1710) Painter (Paris)
Huilliot, Pierre Nicolas (1674-1751) Painter (Paris)
Hupin, Jacques (Active Mid-17th Cent.) Painter
Huquier, Gabriel (1698-1750) Graphic Artist (Paris)
Jeaurat, Etienne (1699-1789) Painter
Joubert, Gilles (1689-1775) Cabinet-Maker (Paris)
Jouvenet, Jean-Baptiste (1644-1717) Painter
L'estin, Jacques De (1597-1661) Painter (Troyes)
La Fosse, Charles De (1636-1716) Painter
La Hire, Laurent De (1606-1656) Painter
La Tour, Georges De (1593-1652) Painter
La Tour, Maurice Quentin De (1704-1788) Painter
Lagniet, Jacques (1620–1672) Graphic Artist (Paris)
Lajoue, Jacques De (1686-1761) Painter (Paris)
Lallemand, Jean-Baptiste (1716-1803) Painter
Lallemant, Georges (1575/76-1636) Painter
Lancret, Nicolas (1690-1743) Painter
Largillière, Nicolas De (1656-1746) Painter
Le Brun, Charles (1619-1690) Painter (Paris)
Le Clerc, Sébastien I (1637-1714) Graphic Artist (Paris)
Le Gros, Pierre The Younger (1666-1719) Painter
Le Lorrain, Robert (1666-1743) Sculptor (Paris)
Le Nain Brothers (1598/1610-1648/77) Painter
Le Pautre, Jean (1618-1682) Graphic Artist (Paris)
Le Pautre, Pierre Ii (c.1659-1744) Sculptor (Paris)
Le Sueur, Eustache (1616/17-1655) Painter
Leclerc, Jean (c.1587-1633) Painter
Lefebvre, Claude (1637-1675) Painter
Lemoyne, François (1688-1737) Painter
Lemoyne, Jean-Baptiste I (1679-1731) Sculptor (Paris)
Lemoyne, Jean-Baptiste Ii (1704-1778) Sculptor (Paris)
Lemoyne, Jean-Louis (1665-1755) Sculptor (Paris)
Lépicié, François-Bernard (1698-1755) Graphic Artist (Paris)
Le Vau, Louis (1612-70) Main co-architect of the Palace of Versailles.
Linard, Jacques (c.1600-1645) Painter
Loo, Carle Van (1705-1765) Painter
Loo, Jean-Baptiste Van (1684-1745) Painter
Loo, Louis Michel Van (1707-1771) Painter
Manglard, Adrien (1695-1760) Painter (Italy)
Mansart, Francois (1598-1666) French classicist architect.
Mansart, Jules (1646-1708) One of the greatest architects of the day.
Marot, Jean I (1619-1679) Graphic Artist (Paris)
Marsy, Gaspard (1624-1681) Sculptor
Martin, Jean-Baptiste (1659-1737) Painter (Paris)
Martin, Pierre-Denis (c.1663-1742) Painter (Paris)
Mauperché, Henri (1602-1686) Painter (Paris)
Mazière, Simon (1648-c.1721) Sculptor
Mellan, Claude (1598-1688) Graphic Artist (Paris)
Mellin, Charles (c.1600-1649) Painter (Rome)
Mignard, Nicolas (1606-1688) Painter
Mignard, Pierre (1612-1695) Painter
Millet, Francisque (1642-1679) Painter (Paris)
Moillon, Louise (1616-1674) Painter (Paris)
Monnot, Pierre Etienne (1657-1733) Sculptor
Monnoyer, Jean-Baptiste (1636-1699) Painter
Montfaucon, Bernard De (1655-1741) Graphic Artist
Morin, Jean (c.1590-1650) Graphic Artist (Paris)
Nanteuil, Robert (1623-1678) Graphic Artist (Paris)
Nattier, Jean-Baptiste (1678-1726) Painter (Paris)
Nattier, Jean-Marc (1685-1766) Painter (Paris)
Nocret, Jean (1617-1672) Painter
Nomé, François De (1593-1644) Painter
Oppenordt, Alexandre-Jean (1639-1715) Cabinet-Maker (Paris)
Oudry, Jean-Baptiste (1686-1755) Painter
Parrocel, Joseph (1646-1704) Painter
Patel, Pierre (c.1605-1676) Painter (Paris)
Patel, Pierre-Antoine (1648-1707) Painter
Pater, Jean Baptiste Joseph (1695-1736) Painter (Paris)
Pensionante Del Saraceni (Active 1610-1620s) Painter (Rome)
Pérelle, Gabriel (1604-1677) Graphic Artist (Paris)
Perrault, Claude (1613-1688) Architect (Paris)
Perrier, François (c.1594-1649) Painter
Perronneau, Jean-Baptiste (1715-1783) Painter
Pesne, Antoine (1683-1757) Painter
Petau, Paul (1568-1614) Graphic Artist
Pigalle, Jean-Baptiste (1714-1785) Sculptor* also neoclassical
Poilly, François De (1623-1693) Painter (Paris)
Poirier, Claude (c.1656-1729) Sculptor
Poussin, Nicolas (1594-1665) Painter (Rome)
Puget, Pierre (1620-1694) Sculptor
Rabel, Daniel (1578-1637) Graphic Artist (Paris)
Ravenet, Simon François (1706-1774) Graphic Artist (London)
Régnier, Nicolas (1591-1667) Painter
Renard De Saint-André, Simon (1613-1677) Painter (Paris)
Restout, Jean Ii (1692-1768) Painter
Rigaud, Hyacinthe (1659-1743) Painter (Paris)
Roubiliac, Louis-Francois (1705-1762) Sculptor (London)
Saint-Igny, Jean De (c.1595-c.1649) Graphic Artist (Paris)
Santerre, Jean-Baptiste (1658-1717) Painter
Sarazin, Jacques (1588-1660) Sculptor
Silvestre, Israël (1621-1691) Graphic Artist
Silvestre, Louis De (1675-1760) Painter
Slodtz, Paul-Ambroise (1702-1758) Sculptor
Slodtz, René-Michel (1705-1764) Sculptor
Stella, Jacques (1596-1657) Painter
Stoskopff, Sébastien (1597-1657) Painter (Strasbourg)
Subleyras, Pierre (1699-1749) Painter
Surugue, Louis (c.1686-1762) Graphic Artist
Tardieu, Nicolas-Henry (1674-1749) Graphic Artist (Paris)
Tassel, Jean (1608-1667) Painter (Langres)
Testelin, Henri (1616-1695) Painter
Tocqué, Louis (1696-1772) Painter
Tournier, Nicolas (1590-c.1638) Painter (Rome)
Tournières, Robert (1667-1752) Painter
Troy, François De (1645-1730) Painter
Troy, Jean-François De (1679-1752) Painter
Tuby, Jean-Baptiste (1635-1700) Sculptor
Valentin De Boulogne (1591-1632) Painter (Rome)
Varin, Quentin (c.1570-1634) Painter
Veyrier, Cristophe (1637-1689) Sculptor
Vignon, Claude (1593-1670) Painter
Vivien, Joseph (1657-1734) Painter
Vouet, Simon (1590-1649) Painter
Warin, Jean (1607-1672) Sculptor

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